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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Wednesday 11th April 2012

Good morning!
Sorry that I haven't been around much the last couple of days, Keith has been staying with me. It has been great.
I went out and bought myself a new computer, as I spend such a great deal of time on it, particularly when I am feeling tired, and just need a 'duvet day!'. Lol!

It looks nothing like the pic, mine is baby blue and white! lol!

Keith has done all that has to be done when you swap all your bits from one to the other.....just need to sort out my emails now!
Humph, I have forgotten my password, so I need to have a huge memory surge, I can still access it on the other one though.
Thanks Keith!

Sometimes, I really like my very first computor best......

Do you remember them!? Lol!

Today, I am going to my place of work for a couple of hours....I am being picked up, and brought back later. I am really looking forward to it, because there are loads of lovely people that I haven't seen for yonkers!
It all seems very over-whelming!

Roxanne is coming on Friday, so I am looking forward to that and 7 of us are going to the Wing Wah on Thursday evening.....Whooooohooooo!
I am at the Hospice all day on Thursday too, I love it!

I was looking for an image ans look what I found on there!

Yesterday, I felt a little unwell........all of you who prefer not to read these more delicate and intimate details, avert your eyes now!

I went to the loo yesterday morning, and all that I expected was ejected, but along with it was what appeared to be a great deal of blood............clearly it wasn't as much as I thought, but it was a bit of a shock.......I suppose 3 - 4 teaspoons.

I am getting more and more pain as the days go on, but, both of the above are to be expected, the pain is not unbearable and I have my pain meds.................but I am so very lucky, because I can still do bits and bobs, and it could be so much worse!

I hope that you all really enjoyed your spring break!

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