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Saturday, 21 April 2012

21st April 2012

Good Morning every one!
Roxanne left on Friday, and Keith left on Saturday.
I will be seeing them both again on Friday, because we are off to our 'pottery weekend'. Lol! I am really looking forward to it. Philip and Dawn are coming...Philip is really in to golf, and they have a couple of huge golf courses, so that should be fun.
Speaking of Philip, he brought his electronic drum kit for me to use on Thursday evening. Keith erected it for me, and left me with some basis drum beats, and clear instructions...(he used to be a drummer in a band when he was at college). My Mum pointed out to me that the electronic drums are not as quiet as I first thought! Lol! Oh, well, you can't make an omelette with out breaking eggs!
I have practiced a little, and then came down with an innocent look on my face.............
when I have been greeted with Mum's furrowed brow!
The other day, I went out with Roxanne, (I think that it was the day that I picked her up). Anyway, I was wearing odd shoes, one maroon and one green, no one noticed, or if they did, no one said anything! (And where is it written that all shoes must be matching when worn, or socks come to that?) I think that I have had my mind hi-jacked!
Yesterday, I went to see Dot, my sister in law for a couple of minutes.I didn't bother with make up, dressing well and head gear...I save that for 'proper' going out, not just 'popping' out. (I do look a bit unwell with out all that stuff)....never the less, I popped out. Forgot to put shoes on, so I still had my 'sudden hi vis pink booties on, they have orange and black leopard print on them too)...That was an accident, but my blouse, I wore deliberately...I really liked it! I was asked if I had just been on a 'Fun Run'! Lol! (The blouse is hi vis orange), well, I LIKE it! Lol!
I have been spending time just slobbing...I am getting really tired quite quickly and my appetite is waning by the second, but I have been forcing food down myself...then I have to be still and quiet for about half an hour, in fear of it all making a 'grand re-appearance!' lol!
And..............Yay! To Susannah's method!

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