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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Sunday 22nd April 2012

Well, the sun is shining, and drying up all the rain...........Lol! Reminds me of 'Incy wincy spider'............... Incy Wincy Spider Climbed the water spout, Down came the rain And knocked the Spider out. Out came the sunshine And dried up all the rain. Incy Wincy Spider Climbed up the spout again.
Oddly enough, I was doing some craft work with my niece and nephew yesterday, and we recited this! They are so well behaved, it's a joy. Over the past couple of days, I have been experiencing more and more pain. Two hourly pain relief doesn't seem to be 'cutting it' any more. I will speak to the staff at Compton Hospice on Thursday. I suppose that I could have accepted radiotherapy, but the Doctor implied that it would be directed at my hip, which is painful, there is no doubt,........... but the greatest pain is my chest and the right side of my abdomen, both front and back. My left groin is painful too....... I tried to sit on the floor 'cross legged' with the children yesterday, my right leg was fine, but my left.......bloody really did hurt. Ouch! May be I need to take up yoga!
Naw.......I don't think so! Oh well, enough of this 'feeling sorry for myself'............ Let's just have a quick group hug, and get on with this wonderful life!
Oh, my! Look at that! The sun has just gone in again! That will teach me! That's what comes of moaning! I need to give myself a 'talking to' and get a grip!
Have a 'Sun Shiny Day!'

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