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Friday, 30 September 2011

30th September

Hi all!

Well, still no results!

On  Wednesday, I had to go into to town to put a cheque in the bank.
This was most upsetting, more so because I don't understand why I am having such pain that is impeding my mobility.
The good news is, I can get away without using one at work and at home.
I only need it for long walks.
I keep it folded in my bag, and only get it out if I really can't go on any further without it.

Of  course, the other good news is that I was putting a cheque IN, and NOT taking money out!!!

Yesterday, I had a good day and evening.
I had a couple of meetings during the day that I could really have done without, other than that, it was a good day.

Straight after work, three of us went to meet another friend in King Swinford, for a meal.
One of my friends followed me, because we were not sure where we were going, and I have a 'sat nav'.

Well.............................................the bloody thing took us all around the Wrekin to get there!
Nearly 2 hours!!!!!!!!


Anyway, when we arrived, we met out friend, who told us that the other friend had car trouble on route, and would be there as soon as she could. She arrived about 20 minutes later.
We ate at about 7pm.

We went to a harvester!

This did not ruin the evening in any way.....good food and good company, what else is there!


Tuesday, 27 September 2011

28th September

Well, here I am, 03.30 in the morning!
The pain in my back and hip has prevented me from sleeping, despite a double dose of pain killers!

On the up side, I turned the telly on, and, one of my favourite programmes was on........... just this minute finished.................
Law and Order! was a new one that I haven't seen before!

You see, it is true!
Every cloud DOES have a silver lining!

Oooooooo, looks like a 'Wizardy' thing is on now! Cool!
Called 'The Dresden Files'. never heard of it before.................

Just off to get a drink and snuggle on the couch to watch it...(unless it is scary, then I am off!!!!!!!)

27th September

Still waiting for that phone call!
(She says as she drums her fingers on the table)!

Ho hum....what will be will be, no news is good news!

Well, I want my tea now, so I have employed this to carry on drumming whilst I eat!

There you go!!

Monday, 26 September 2011

26th September

Well, I am getting fed up with this hip/back pain now, I have had enough, I think that it is time that it went away! I have tried commanding it to go, but alas, it has ignored me!
So, I rang my Doctor for the results of the X-ray and the bone scan.
He told me that as it was my oncologist who requested them, the results would go to rang her.
Her secretary answered. She took my details, asked me to hold, disappeared for a bit, came back and said that she would get my oncologist to ring me, so....................................
I have to wait for the call.

I still have tinnitus, neuropathy and this bloody awful hip/back pain.
I am still getting headaches, but at least I know what they are all about, and they are manageable.
So is the tinnitus and neuropathy, as a matter of fact, get rid of this hip/back pain and I will be back to normal, well, almost normal.
I think that the not knowing what it is, is the worst thing. I just need some one to tell me what it is.
My imagination?
Muscular? (although the bone scan wouldn't show this).

I am getting paranoid now!!!!!

Just tell me!!!!!!!
I need to know!

I should know by now, shouldn't I??

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Saturday 24th September

Well, it has been a while since I last posted, so I will see how I can catch up without boring you all to 'snores', Lol!

I had my bone scan on Friday of last week.
No where near as bad as I was expecting it to be.
I had an injection of some radio active stuff. This was not administered by drip, as I was expecting, so that was good.
This 'stuff' takes a while to get to the parts that it is supposed to get to, so I had some lunch in the hospital whilst I waited.
(I had planned to go to the local shopping park to pass the time, but my back and hip were really playing me up).

When I was given the injection, I was told to avoid children and pregnant women for at least the rest of the day.
(I did ask if I would glow in the dark, but alas not.)

Any way, a couple of hours after the injection, I reported back to the 'Nuclear Imaging Dept. for the scan.

The scanning took about 50 minutes. (It was hard staying absolutely still for such a long time, but to my surprise, I made it!)
No pain, (other than the bloody nagging of my hip and back), just a bit of discomfort because I couldn't move.

I hope that this is reassuring for anyone who is waiting for a bone scan.
My next appointment with the oncologist is 2nd or 3rd November, so unless they found anything life threatening, I should imagine that I will get the results then.

Yesterday, when I went to work to pick up my phones, I thought that my back was well enough to take a little walk around the local shopping park, so I did.
Huge mistake!
After having walked around only one of the stores, I was in agony again.

The strange thing is, there is no pain when I drive, although, getting into, and getting out of the car does cause pain.
So the good news is, I can still drive!
O.K! Not me, or my car, 
but I can dream!

Friday, 23 September 2011

23rd September...Sorry for leaving it so long!

Firstly, I want to apologise to my friends, interested parties and my blog readers, for leaving it so long!
Ann, I want to return your call, but I have left my phone at work, and it is (foolishly), the only place that I have your number! I will be going to work today, (even though it is my day off!), to get my phone so that I can ring you.
(Just thought that I would make you think that I am a martyr for sacrificing a day off to ring you! Lol! ;)
I am deeply touched by every ones concern. Thank you.

Back to the big 'C'.

I have had no results for any of the tests so far....
Bone scan, urine test, blood tests etc.
This, to me, can only be good news!

Until otherwise informed.....I am in remission, no other concerns, all is well, and as far as is possible, under the circumstances, I am well, and back on track for a long and uneventful life!

Well, it is tiring me out!!!!! Lol!

Up at 05.45. leave the house at 06.45..........Grrrrrrrrr M6 madness.
I get home from work between 16.00 -17.00, eat, and, like last night, in bed for 20.00hrs. Just knackered!
I am on 3 days per week now, although I have to do 4 next week, because I made appointments for meetings, and forgot that I am not supposed to be there on Monday, so like a complete pratt, organised a meeting for Monday!!!
What can I say! Clearly lacking focus at the moment..............

For some reason....Face Book has locked me out, I haven't done anything wrong!
I have 2 accounts, one from yonkers ago...they both have different 'friends' etc........opened a new account that I use and love to use...but, FB wont let me in, only on my old account.....bloody nuisance!

To be honest, I can't explain it........but I don't feel like talking to anyone, when I am at home. It's almost as if I am withdrawing from people and 'stuff'.
Really weird! I am not unhappy or depressed, just need peace and quiet.
I had some communication with Carole, who also has a cancer blog....(see 'my other places' to the right a bit further down the page), anyway, she told me that she went through a similar phase, so that is very reassuring...thanks Carole!

Catch you all again soon!

Friday, 16 September 2011

Ok, I went to the Doctors about this hip/back pain, not sure what it is.......
Sciatica? Damaged muscle or tendon?
Anyway, I am back on pain killers? Damn and blast! They are helping though.
I took a urine sample in too.
Dental work finished until my next check up in 6 months, so that is good, and I was a brave bunny and didn't have any anaesthetic for the filling!
(I did ask the dentist to 'bang' it in my leg instead), but he thought that that was a bad idea! Lol!
Today, I am off to have my bone scan..... I will let you know what happens. I wont get any results yet though.

Well, I have just completed my second week at work...the 2 days each week phase.
I start on 3 days each week next week....Tues, Wed, Thurs.
I am really busy at work.......firstly, just trying to catch up on things that need to be done that should have been done during the time that I was off.....ho hum, we'll get there in the end!!!!!

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

14th September

Morning all.

I will make an appointment with the doctor regarding the dark urine, and this unbearable lower back/leg/hip pain.
I went to work yesterday, and tried to hide my 'limp' due to the back pain etc, but it was noticed.......... ho hum.
When I came home, I went straight to bed as I felt so unwell and tired.
I didn't wake until the alarm woke me this morning.
I am still feeling tired and unwell. I have a dental appointment, which is right next to the doctor, so I will pop in and make the appointment.

I have no idea why I am feeling so lack lustre and unwell..........probably no connection to the cancer, it isn't beyond the realms of possibility that I am ....well, just a bit under the weather!

Dentist today,
Work tomorrow,
Bone scan Friday..........

Sleepy head!

Monday, 12 September 2011

12th September......I think that I am getting paranoid

You know that I was complaining of lower back pain a couple, started on Tuesday...
I thought that it was sciatica....... Well, this morning, my urine was very dark brown...I mean....really, really dark brown!

I was going to make a Doctor's appointment, but because I think that I am being paranoid, I will wait until the beginning of November when I see the oncologist again. Chances are it is a 'one off thing' and could be caused by anything.

Carol....Get A Grip!!!!!

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Recommended blogs

I really do recommend these blogs.................
One belongs to a gent in America, and the other is a lady in London.

If you have been interested in mine, you will love these!

Sunday 11th September.

I am getting really fed up of being tired....I thought that I was getting betting in that department....but, alas, I seem to be getting more and more tired instead of less and less tired!!!!!!

On top of that, I have something that feels like it may be sciatica.....Grrrrrrrrrr!
Started gently on Tuesday....a pain in my left buttock when I lift my leg and when I place it on the ground, doesn't hurt when my foot is suspended in the air or when my foot is on the ground.....just as I lift it and as I place it down.
There is also a dull ache in my thigh to my knee.

To be fair, it isn't as bad today as it was on Thursday, Friday and yesterday, but it is still there.

Ahhhhh, that's better, now that I have got it of my chest!

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Sat 10th Sept. Care giver's Bill of Rights

I found this on the 'Navigating Cancer Site', the author is unknown.
I feel that this is such a good piece, as I know so many carer's who really need to know this.......

The Caregiver’s Bill Rights
I have the right to take care of myself. This is not an act of selfishness. It will give me the ability to take better care of my loved one.
I have the right to seek help from others even though my loved one may object. I know the limits of my own endurance and strength.
I have the right to maintain parts of my own life that do not include the person I care for, just as I would if they were healthy. I know that I do everything that I reasonably can do for this person. I have the right to do some things just for myself.
I have the right to get angry, be depressed, and express difficult feelings once in a while.
I have the right to reject any attempt by my loved one to make me do things out of guilt or anger. (It doesn’t matter if they know they’re doing it or not.)
I have the right to get consideration, affection, forgiveness, and acceptance for what I do for my loved one, as I offer these in return.
I have the right to take pride in what I’m doing. And I have the right to applaud the courage it has taken to meet the needs of my loved one.
I have the right to protect my individuality. I also have the right to a life that will sustain me in times when my loved one no longer needs my full-time help

This is me talking now!

 It is so easy to allow caring for some one else to take over your life! 

There is a tendency to feel guilty if you want to do some thing for yourself, and, some times the ‘cared for’ or other people close to the situation can make you feel as if you are abdicating from your responsibilities

.It is important to remember that you need to be on ‘top form’ to care for some one
.This is how I see it……(having cared for some one for 18 years).
When you are born, you come with a bucket full of stuff to give………all good stuff.

As life goes on, you give from the bucket, and you and others put things in your bucket. 

The plan is that your bucket remains full.

When you care for some one, you give from your bucket,  

If you don't do stuff that you like, and people don't give positive stuff back to you, you bucket becomes empty.
 Ok, now you have an empty what happens?…..
 There is nothing more to give! 
This is when you become depressed and unhappy, this is when you loose yourself.

You have to keep filling your bucket with good stuff and others need to put stuff in too, then you will always have some thing to give. It may sound daft, but that is how I see it.

All Carer's!

Fill your bucket with what you like and need, get others to help fill it, that way, you will always have something to give!

Friday, 9 September 2011

Friday 9th September

Welllllllll now!
Not a  lot to say today.
I have completed my first week back to work, all be it only 2 days...Monday and Wednesday.
Certainly a lot more tiring than I thought that it was going to be.
When I get home, I just collapse on the settee, and let out a sigh of relief! Lol!
I am sure that by the time I am on a full 5 day week, I will be up and running at full capacity again..........Yay!

What's going on as far as my lovely new full time companion goes...Cancer.........

I have heard nothing from the Oncologist, so MY ASSUMPTION is.................
They will leave my brain alone, and wait for further symptoms....Yay!
My blood test are all clear......Yay!
The X-ray on my hips showed nothing earth shattering....Yay!

My teeth...
Had one out, Oh, my word, it is bliss! Yay!
Hmmmmm, the extraction was uncomfortable, and I still need 1 tooth 'seen to'.
BUT, it is only 1 tooth....Yay!
As I said, all of the above are ASSUMPTIONS.......But until I am told differently, I still say Yay!

My bone scan....
That is next Friday, and it will be painless, apart from the insertion of the drip thing in my hand or arm......
BUT, that takes less than 10 seconds! Yay!

My lingering side effects from the chemo and radio.............
Neuropathy, I can live with that,
just making a couple of changes to they way I 'dress' my feet, care for my feet and walk sometimes, no real problems....Yay!
Tinnitus, That is a nuisance, but, just like moving house close to railway line, I dare say that I will get more used to it as time goes by.....Yay!
Phlebitis,  Hmmmm, strange one this, I am surprised that I still get it occasionally, but I do, and that is that! I still have the cream that I was prescribed, so if it is really annoying, I just slap some on. Yay!
Tiredness and lethargy,  This is the worst thing for me, because I like to get up and do stuff, the fact is, I really can't be bothered most of the time, and on the odd occasion that I do, I am so tired doing it! BUT, I do know that it will go eventually! Can't really find it in my heart to give it a yay.....soooo a Ya will have to do!
Poor memory, truth was pretty crap before, so carry on as before, but just more so...Post it noted, calendars, and good friends are always around, so, yep...this can still have a Yay!

Stomach Cramps.......not sure if these are a side effect or something else...never the less, the medication that I have been prescribe has certainly reduced them substantially.....(which reminds me, I had better go and take it when I have finished here), BUT, writing this has reminded me, so.....Yay! and Yay again for the meds!

Next Oncology appointment.
2nd or is it the 3rd of know better than me! I posted it somewhere here, Lol! (I did put in on my calendar) Yay!

Hopefully, all my assumptions are correct, and there is nothing wrong with my bones, and I will get a pat on the head, a 'Bob Martin', and be sent home with an appointment in 3 months......So Yay! (I think).

For some one with nothing to say, I haven't done too badly! Lol!
Perhaps I should have just reduced the writings on this post to one word!


Now, for the final picture, what shall it be?.................

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

7th September - after the dentist

OK, Had my dental appointment yesterday, and I had a tooth pulled. I was expecting to have it out, it was so loose!
I hated the 'jab', but he was very gentle, or as gentle as a man can be when he is yanking a tooth out!
I have to go on Wednesday for further treatment....filing a tooth down and filling it...more 'jabs'....yukky!

I have an appointment on Friday 16th September for an Isotope scan at the Nuclear imaging dept.
This will take from 10.30am until 2.30pm.

This scan will show any activity in the cells in the bones.
I will have an injection of liquid radioactive isotope tracer into my arm or hand.
There will be a long waiting period for the stuff to work, then I get the scan done.
There are risks/side effects, not sure what they are, but I am assured that this scan would not be recommended unless the 'benefits' out weighed the 'risks!'
Make of that what you will!
Afterwards, I need to avoid close contact, (over 1 hour long or closer that 1 metre), with any children or pregnant women to avoid exposing them to radiation!

Whooppeeedeeee! All good stuff!

I spent another day at work today.....blimey, it is tiring! You just don't realise how tired all the treatment has made you until you try to get back into swing of things....thank heaven that I am on a phased return to work!

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

6th September - Just some silliness


I was doing a 'sponsored walk' for Mencap.
The walk was over a distance of 21 miles in length.
A beautiful day! I made some sandwiches, filled a couple of large bottles with water,
packed up my rucksack...........
I took Tandy, my beautiful dog....Collie/Labrador cross, (Water, bowl and treats for her also packed).
We jumped in the car, (A red Volkswagon Polo).
Of we drive to the meeting point.
This was at a large park, Mencap had their premises there.

There was no parking there, so I parked on a street.
All the streets were narrow, and there were terraced houses on both sides, two up, two down. There were many streets.
Any way, I eventually found a space, parked up, and me and Tandy walked to the meeting point, with time to spare.
Tandy and the other dogs went 'bum sniffing', as they do, and we people, did our own version of the same, introducing, chatting, know.

Ok, time for the off, by this time, every one had gather in their cliques, again, a very natural thing....and off we went.

The sun is still shining, lots of talking, laughing and stopping for little breaks, eating, get the picture.
O.K. 21 Miles completed!!!!!

Back to the car!
All the good byes done, final bout of 'bum sniffing', not me, Tandy!
We headed back to the car................NOT THERE!
I walked up and down the street loads of times, definitely NOT THERE!
It has been stolen!!!!!!!
No mobiles phones then..........I went searching for a phone box 
There wasn't one on the street where I parked the car, so I went to other streets.
I am on the next Street, and see a phone box........Bummer, it is broken.
Now on another street with a phone box, that one is also buggered.
Right now I am really tired and really stressed! We stopped for a while, Tandy had a couple of treats, and some water, and I had an apple.
OK, off to the next street, I am still eating my apple.
Another phone box! is working!!!!!!
Back then, there were phone books in phone boxes, and some numbers under glass that were useful. (There were also business cards stuck to the inside of the box offering 'various services'. Most of these cards were hand written..........that's by the by.
Any how, looked for the number of the local Police Station and dialled.......
I explained what had happened to the man that answered, he said that there was an officer in the area, and he would meet me in a moment. I had given him the name of the street, and it was agreed that I would meet him by the phone box.

I set Tandy up with water and treats while we waited, I was still chomping on my apple.

Shortly after, the police officer arrived. I told him the whole story, gave him the make and model of my car, and the registration number. I told him where I had parked it. He dutifully wrote down all of the details, and then a really weird look came to his face. He squinted, and briskly walked a few paces passed me in the direction that he was facing......................
I was turning around to see where he had gone, I thought that he had 'flipped!' Lol!
As I was turning, he called me. He was now standing still, about 50 yards away.
I started to walk towards him........................................
Oh, my goodness!
What an idiot!
He was standing right next to my car! Clearly, I had been looking on the wrong street! That was exactly where I had left it.
The police officer was NOT amused!
He was clearly annoyed. He gave me a jolly good telling off! I felt terrible!
Sadly, I didn't learn from this experience, I have 'lost' my car so many times.......................(But, I have not called the police)!

Monday, 5 September 2011

5th September - After 1st Day back at work

Today was my first day back at work.
It was great to see the people that I haven't seen for such a long time.
A friend and colleague, (Claire), brought lunch, which was great.
Another, (Sandra), was clearly pleased to see me.
I received a beautiful 'Welcome back' bouquet.
3 people came from Head Office to see me and welcome me back....I had loads of hugs and warm welcomes from most of the tenants.
It was awesome!
There were a couple of incidents that I could have done without, but all in all, it went well.
To be honest, I didn't do much....I was just there......Lol!

The plan so far is that I work:-
Week 1                                Monday and Wednesday
Week 2                                Tuesday and Thursday
Week 3                                Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
Week 4                                As week 3
Week 5                               Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
Week 6                               As week 5
Week 7                              Monday-Friday
And Bob's your uncle!

 Now, I am soooo tired!!!!!

Tomorrow to recover!!!!

Sunday, 4 September 2011

4th September - Some tips for getting through therapy

Some of the following tips I have posted before, and some are new ones.

The main one I think will be useful for everyone........

This will help with:-
Sore bum for any reason.

With any of the above, your bum gets sore.

Piles, because they are a pain in the arse
Constipation because of all of the 'pushing' and dryness,
Diahorrea, because of 'overuse' and over wiping..

Get some Aqueous cream.
When you need to wipe your bum after using the loo, get the toilet paper, dip it in the pot of cream, and wipe the bum area, (front to back).
Repeat with a fresh piece of paper until clean.

The cream is a great cleanser, it aids with lubrication,(constipation), and it soothes and cools, (piles and diahorrea).
It doesn't sting like some 'wipes' do. It is easy to flush.

When your hair starts to come out, shave your head. It stops you getting hairs in your food, and finding it all over the place.                                                                           Make sure that you don't shave it 'to the bone', because you will end up   'velco-ing' your head to your pillow at night when you try to sleep...........Well, I did anyway.....very uncomfortable!

Keep chunks or slices of melon in the fridge to make sure that you keep hydrated, particularly if you find it difficult to drink loads of stuff throughout the day. (This is a tip I got from someone else, a really goos one too).

The next few tips, I think will only be useful for someone having radiotherapy on their vagina.(But maybe  not).

When the anaesthetic gel was prescribed, I used it, it was suggested that it should be used without the aqueous cream.
I did try it, but it made the area feel it would split with every step that I took.
What I found helpful, was to apply the gel, wait a few moments, and then add the smallest amount of aqueous cream.

When the anti-bacterial gel was prescribed, I had to mix equal amounts of the two gels, and then apply.
The anti-bacterial gel served as the aqueous cream had done, and I was then able to stop using it.

After using the loo to wee...DO NOT use toilet paper to wipe.
The paper disintegrates and little bits of it stick to the sensitive area adding to the irritation and discomfort.

Get a flannel, rinse it through, and wring it as dry as you can.
Make sure that it is not hot, this will aggravate the situation.
Do not make it cold either, although it is very soothing and cooling, it tends to cause discomfort a few minutes afterwards.

My advice would be to get the flannel, rinse and ring out.
Leave it in a safe and clean place, ensuring that everyone in the household knows that it is for your use only.
When you need it, it will be about room temp.
Gently pat the area with the flannel, then apply creams as required.
Rinse the flannel again, ready for the next use.
Use a fresh flannel everyday.

Carry a clean and damp flannel with you if you are going out to mop up any leaks. Take a plastic bag with you to keep the flannel in.
Again, do not use toilet paper or tissues for the same reasons as previously mentioned.

Relax and meditate as much as possible.

Saturday, 3 September 2011

4th September

Well, here I am at 1.20am........blogging!
Why? I hear you cry!
Because I went to bed too early last night, and stayed in bed too long this morning!
That'll teach me!
I went to bed at at 11.00pm, tossed and turned....tossed and turned again!
Well.......... then, I thought......................................................
'Bugger it, get up and watch some T.V!' 

(And blog)! Lol!
Law and Order Special Victims Unit is on the screen as I speak, well, type!
(And that stupid Ikea advert where two people start chucking socks and undies all over the bedroom)!  Completely nuts if you ask me!

I feel a digression coming on.........................................You may ask,
'Digression from what?'
And I will answer,
'No idea!!!!' Lol!

Any way, 'I wanna tell you a story'....(Max Bygraves, eat your heart out)!

In the 70's, I was training to be a psychiatric nurse in Leicester...........................
Loving it!
Any way, my Aunt's partner sadly passed, and Mum and I went to London for the funeral. We went by coach.
On the way back, we were at the coach station waiting for the coach home.

A man came up to my Mum, and asked if she had any cheese. He had a very strong Scottish twang, and I believe that he had had a tipple..........................................
I said to Mum,
'Don't worry, I'll deal with this, I am in training for this sort of thing'.
Mum stepped aside, and I started to interact with him.

I opened my bag so that he could see in, I smiled and said,
'I am so sorry, but neither of us have any cheese, but I will happily buy you a cheese sandwich'.

The man looked a little confused for a fleeting moment, then looked sympathetic.
He looked at My Mum and said,
'You need to take this woman home, she f*cking crazy.....have you got any change?'

That was my first lesson in how to keep your mouth shut and not be too cocky!
Me and my Mum laughed all the way home!

That will teach me...........

I hope so, some one needs to!

3rd September.

I went to Bristol to see Robert yesterday. I had a great day, the sun was shining, and we spent a few wonderful hours, out in the gardens. Robert was very pleased to see me.
We sat on the grass, picking clovers and generally playing about!

(For those who don't know, Robert is my eldest son,  he is 33 years old this year, he has severe learning disabilities, no verbal communication, and has the mind of a 1 year old child).

It was fantastic to know that Robert hadn't had an epileptic fit for 2 months! Yay!

The trip there was fine, no hold ups, good music, what else could there be.........
On the way back, however, the M5 was snarled up, and the M6 is always snarled up, so I returned home on 449, through Kidderminster...And that was all snarled up!
I should have arrived home at about 5.45pm. (Usually about a 2 hour drive).
7.00pm is when I arrived home.....bloody nightmare!

I was completely knackered, went to bed, and stayed asleep until 9.30 this morning! Slept like a brick!

Something that I forgot to tell you yesterday, the other thing that Roxanne said on the phone when I told her about the brain lump................
'How the hell did it get from your crotch to your head?'

I thought that it was funny anyway.....Lol!

Thursday, 1 September 2011

1st September - After Oncologist Appointment

Well now......where to begin!

You know that I had a brain scan a while ago?
Well, I had the results today.

They found something.

They found a small lump in the middle of the right side, at the top.....sort of 11 o'clock, and back a bit, (if you are facing me).
It is believed to be benign....
(Which is from the Latin, meaning friendly, never say that you don't learn anything here on this blog! Lol!)

Anyway, this, apparently explains some of the symptoms that I have shown.
Discussions will take place between my Ocologist and a Neurologist. So I just have to wait now.

I had to have an x-ray on my hips today too, it is believed that my joints have been effected by the radiotherapy or I have arthritis....again, wait and see.

I had some blood tests done. I have to have a mammogram, some sort of test on my bones, and I have  been put on medication for my stomach cramps. These are either as a result of the treatment(s), or the symptoms of possible further 'issues'.
Again, wait and see..................................

The lethargy and tiredness are to be expected, and may last for a very long time. The tinnitus, the same.....So....suck it up! Lol!

My 'short fuse?'..........
My Mum complained to the Ocologist about that.
The oncologist said that it was to be expected considering all of the treatment that I have experienced over the past few months........................

My daughter said:-
 'Rubbish! You have always had a bad temper!' Lol!
Who? Moi? Never!!
(She wasn't there, this came up in a phone conversation after the appointment.)

The neuropathy in my feet....nothing can be done, the pain that I get some times is due to this, and I need to be careful what shoes I wear and where I walk etc..........which I do.

I have to see the Oncologist every 3 months for the rest of my life.
My next appointment is 3rd November.

The good news is:-
The infection that I had is gone, there is no indication that the original lump has returned.
It is believed that the lump on my brain is benign.
All the test that the Oncologist believes that I need are under way or done.
Any idiotic things that I do, I can blame on the brain lump! Lol!

(Phew! An excuse at last!)
I am able to go back to work.

I am going back to work on Monday....a phased return over 6 weeks.

So now, unless there is something that I NEED to know on the 'hurry up', it is returning to the watchful waiting, and another appointment on 3rd November.

So, all is well on the Western Front!