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Friday, 9 September 2011

Friday 9th September

Welllllllll now!
Not a  lot to say today.
I have completed my first week back to work, all be it only 2 days...Monday and Wednesday.
Certainly a lot more tiring than I thought that it was going to be.
When I get home, I just collapse on the settee, and let out a sigh of relief! Lol!
I am sure that by the time I am on a full 5 day week, I will be up and running at full capacity again..........Yay!

What's going on as far as my lovely new full time companion goes...Cancer.........

I have heard nothing from the Oncologist, so MY ASSUMPTION is.................
They will leave my brain alone, and wait for further symptoms....Yay!
My blood test are all clear......Yay!
The X-ray on my hips showed nothing earth shattering....Yay!

My teeth...
Had one out, Oh, my word, it is bliss! Yay!
Hmmmmm, the extraction was uncomfortable, and I still need 1 tooth 'seen to'.
BUT, it is only 1 tooth....Yay!
As I said, all of the above are ASSUMPTIONS.......But until I am told differently, I still say Yay!

My bone scan....
That is next Friday, and it will be painless, apart from the insertion of the drip thing in my hand or arm......
BUT, that takes less than 10 seconds! Yay!

My lingering side effects from the chemo and radio.............
Neuropathy, I can live with that,
just making a couple of changes to they way I 'dress' my feet, care for my feet and walk sometimes, no real problems....Yay!
Tinnitus, That is a nuisance, but, just like moving house close to railway line, I dare say that I will get more used to it as time goes by.....Yay!
Phlebitis,  Hmmmm, strange one this, I am surprised that I still get it occasionally, but I do, and that is that! I still have the cream that I was prescribed, so if it is really annoying, I just slap some on. Yay!
Tiredness and lethargy,  This is the worst thing for me, because I like to get up and do stuff, the fact is, I really can't be bothered most of the time, and on the odd occasion that I do, I am so tired doing it! BUT, I do know that it will go eventually! Can't really find it in my heart to give it a yay.....soooo a Ya will have to do!
Poor memory, truth was pretty crap before, so carry on as before, but just more so...Post it noted, calendars, and good friends are always around, so, yep...this can still have a Yay!

Stomach Cramps.......not sure if these are a side effect or something else...never the less, the medication that I have been prescribe has certainly reduced them substantially.....(which reminds me, I had better go and take it when I have finished here), BUT, writing this has reminded me, so.....Yay! and Yay again for the meds!

Next Oncology appointment.
2nd or is it the 3rd of know better than me! I posted it somewhere here, Lol! (I did put in on my calendar) Yay!

Hopefully, all my assumptions are correct, and there is nothing wrong with my bones, and I will get a pat on the head, a 'Bob Martin', and be sent home with an appointment in 3 months......So Yay! (I think).

For some one with nothing to say, I haven't done too badly! Lol!
Perhaps I should have just reduced the writings on this post to one word!


Now, for the final picture, what shall it be?.................


cottoncandy said...

Well 'YAY!!' Carol is all I can say too :) You say 'Yay', I say 'wa-hay!!' Glad your week has been a good one really, (or is that a glad your week has been a yay wa-hey week??)lol As well as all your apts, and work and bits n bobs, that make you a tad tired you still make me smile and inspire me. Oh yes you do. So on the last note a big Yay for you Carol!! You rock!! (And you have a wicked sense of humour too!!) :-D

Carol said...

Hi Cottoncandy,
Thanks for your very kind words. ......Read your blog, and you rock too!
Carol said...

My goodness, Carol! The fatigue is a constant while in treatment, but, it does get better after a long time....but it does get better. Maybe your doctor will give you a small dose of Ritalin, which, helped me a lot when I went back to work. Your friend .

bendeschaad said...

Oh! I reposted your blog site address on my facebook account-page.
Take care

Carol said...

I will have a chat with the Oncologist in Nov...... being tired is driving me nuts!
Thanks Bendeschaad.