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Monday, 26 September 2011

26th September

Well, I am getting fed up with this hip/back pain now, I have had enough, I think that it is time that it went away! I have tried commanding it to go, but alas, it has ignored me!
So, I rang my Doctor for the results of the X-ray and the bone scan.
He told me that as it was my oncologist who requested them, the results would go to rang her.
Her secretary answered. She took my details, asked me to hold, disappeared for a bit, came back and said that she would get my oncologist to ring me, so....................................
I have to wait for the call.

I still have tinnitus, neuropathy and this bloody awful hip/back pain.
I am still getting headaches, but at least I know what they are all about, and they are manageable.
So is the tinnitus and neuropathy, as a matter of fact, get rid of this hip/back pain and I will be back to normal, well, almost normal.
I think that the not knowing what it is, is the worst thing. I just need some one to tell me what it is.
My imagination?
Muscular? (although the bone scan wouldn't show this).

I am getting paranoid now!!!!!

Just tell me!!!!!!!
I need to know!

I should know by now, shouldn't I??

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