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Friday, 16 September 2011

Ok, I went to the Doctors about this hip/back pain, not sure what it is.......
Sciatica? Damaged muscle or tendon?
Anyway, I am back on pain killers? Damn and blast! They are helping though.
I took a urine sample in too.
Dental work finished until my next check up in 6 months, so that is good, and I was a brave bunny and didn't have any anaesthetic for the filling!
(I did ask the dentist to 'bang' it in my leg instead), but he thought that that was a bad idea! Lol!
Today, I am off to have my bone scan..... I will let you know what happens. I wont get any results yet though.

Well, I have just completed my second week at work...the 2 days each week phase.
I start on 3 days each week next week....Tues, Wed, Thurs.
I am really busy at work.......firstly, just trying to catch up on things that need to be done that should have been done during the time that I was off.....ho hum, we'll get there in the end!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Carol,
every time I read your blog i'm reminded of my 'very' overdue dentist appointment, hmmm! your latest pic, so much so i've copied it, i'm sure to find some use for it, hope the painkillers kick in and do some good, take care
Lynn x

bendeschaad said...

Still have that great sense of humour! The picture is worth a thousand laughs. Glad you are back to work. Go slow and pace yourself:)
Take care.

Carol said...

Hi Lynne, Have you been to the dentist yet? Get on to it! LOL!

Carol said...

Hi Aaron,
Going back to work is taking it out of me a bit....the picture is sooo accurate! Lol!
I am having side effects to the pain killers, so had to reduce them....taking the edge of the pain, but not as effective. Managing ok though....hopefully this bloody back ache will cease soon.
Hugs Carol