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Friday, 30 September 2011

30th September

Hi all!

Well, still no results!

On  Wednesday, I had to go into to town to put a cheque in the bank.
This was most upsetting, more so because I don't understand why I am having such pain that is impeding my mobility.
The good news is, I can get away without using one at work and at home.
I only need it for long walks.
I keep it folded in my bag, and only get it out if I really can't go on any further without it.

Of  course, the other good news is that I was putting a cheque IN, and NOT taking money out!!!

Yesterday, I had a good day and evening.
I had a couple of meetings during the day that I could really have done without, other than that, it was a good day.

Straight after work, three of us went to meet another friend in King Swinford, for a meal.
One of my friends followed me, because we were not sure where we were going, and I have a 'sat nav'.

Well.............................................the bloody thing took us all around the Wrekin to get there!
Nearly 2 hours!!!!!!!!


Anyway, when we arrived, we met out friend, who told us that the other friend had car trouble on route, and would be there as soon as she could. She arrived about 20 minutes later.
We ate at about 7pm.

We went to a harvester!

This did not ruin the evening in any way.....good food and good company, what else is there!



Carole said...

Carol, ring them or email them and ASK for your results hun...

Really sorry that the pain is still an issue. It's SO draining over a period of time.


Carol said...

Hi Carole,
I asked my doctor, and he said that the results would go to the Oncologist, I phoned her, and her secretary went off to look it up, came back, said that the Oncologist would ring, and I have still heard nothing. I will ring again today.

Carol said...

Carole, Just phoned oncologist again, and same message, she will phone me!?

Carole said...

They get on my nerves Carol, don't they realise how unnerving it is having to wait for them to get their finger out GRRRR!

Life with cancer/after cancer is stressful enough without being left 'waiting' for news.
Let us know as soon as you hear hun


Carol said...

Yes, it is annoying! Just about to check your blog out...hoping to see good news!!!