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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

7th September - after the dentist

OK, Had my dental appointment yesterday, and I had a tooth pulled. I was expecting to have it out, it was so loose!
I hated the 'jab', but he was very gentle, or as gentle as a man can be when he is yanking a tooth out!
I have to go on Wednesday for further treatment....filing a tooth down and filling it...more 'jabs'....yukky!

I have an appointment on Friday 16th September for an Isotope scan at the Nuclear imaging dept.
This will take from 10.30am until 2.30pm.

This scan will show any activity in the cells in the bones.
I will have an injection of liquid radioactive isotope tracer into my arm or hand.
There will be a long waiting period for the stuff to work, then I get the scan done.
There are risks/side effects, not sure what they are, but I am assured that this scan would not be recommended unless the 'benefits' out weighed the 'risks!'
Make of that what you will!
Afterwards, I need to avoid close contact, (over 1 hour long or closer that 1 metre), with any children or pregnant women to avoid exposing them to radiation!

Whooppeeedeeee! All good stuff!

I spent another day at work today.....blimey, it is tiring! You just don't realise how tired all the treatment has made you until you try to get back into swing of things....thank heaven that I am on a phased return to work!

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