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Monday, 12 September 2011

12th September......I think that I am getting paranoid

You know that I was complaining of lower back pain a couple, started on Tuesday...
I thought that it was sciatica....... Well, this morning, my urine was very dark brown...I mean....really, really dark brown!

I was going to make a Doctor's appointment, but because I think that I am being paranoid, I will wait until the beginning of November when I see the oncologist again. Chances are it is a 'one off thing' and could be caused by anything.

Carol....Get A Grip!!!!!


Carole said...

Carol hun,
Make that appointment, you could have a low level urine infection that could cause all sorts of ongoing issues after all the treatment you've been through.

Get them to do a simple check on your urine - just to be sure hun.

Don't leave this until November it's way too long

Carol said...

Hi Carole, There are no other symptoms, and it only happened once....however, I need to see the Doc regarding this awful lower back pain, so I shall mention it then too.
I will take a sample with me. Thanks