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Friday, 23 September 2011

23rd September...Sorry for leaving it so long!

Firstly, I want to apologise to my friends, interested parties and my blog readers, for leaving it so long!
Ann, I want to return your call, but I have left my phone at work, and it is (foolishly), the only place that I have your number! I will be going to work today, (even though it is my day off!), to get my phone so that I can ring you.
(Just thought that I would make you think that I am a martyr for sacrificing a day off to ring you! Lol! ;)
I am deeply touched by every ones concern. Thank you.

Back to the big 'C'.

I have had no results for any of the tests so far....
Bone scan, urine test, blood tests etc.
This, to me, can only be good news!

Until otherwise informed.....I am in remission, no other concerns, all is well, and as far as is possible, under the circumstances, I am well, and back on track for a long and uneventful life!

Well, it is tiring me out!!!!! Lol!

Up at 05.45. leave the house at 06.45..........Grrrrrrrrr M6 madness.
I get home from work between 16.00 -17.00, eat, and, like last night, in bed for 20.00hrs. Just knackered!
I am on 3 days per week now, although I have to do 4 next week, because I made appointments for meetings, and forgot that I am not supposed to be there on Monday, so like a complete pratt, organised a meeting for Monday!!!
What can I say! Clearly lacking focus at the moment..............

For some reason....Face Book has locked me out, I haven't done anything wrong!
I have 2 accounts, one from yonkers ago...they both have different 'friends' etc........opened a new account that I use and love to use...but, FB wont let me in, only on my old account.....bloody nuisance!

To be honest, I can't explain it........but I don't feel like talking to anyone, when I am at home. It's almost as if I am withdrawing from people and 'stuff'.
Really weird! I am not unhappy or depressed, just need peace and quiet.
I had some communication with Carole, who also has a cancer blog....(see 'my other places' to the right a bit further down the page), anyway, she told me that she went through a similar phase, so that is very reassuring...thanks Carole!

Catch you all again soon!


Carole said...

It's great to see a post from you Carol...I admit to being one of those people who was a little worried about your absence, so it's good to have you back.

As I said to you, when all treatment is done you're expected to feel GREAT but for some reason that doesn't come immediately. It's like being left in limbo - you're fine but you're not fine.
I took time out from my blog, from Cancer Chat and from life in general for a bit. I needed to sort my head out and work out 'what next?'...Take the time that you need but just do an occasional blog update so we know you're not in any trouble.

Huge cyber hugs to my little mate xxxx

Carol said...

Hi Carole,
Huge cyber hug received with thanks! Lol!
You are so right, the expectations of feeling well are very difficult to live up to, and it does put pressure on you.
Limbo is definately where I am living at this moment! I really do appreciate your concern....thanks.....
ooodles of cyber hugs back at you!!!!!