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Thursday, 1 September 2011

1st September - After Oncologist Appointment

Well now......where to begin!

You know that I had a brain scan a while ago?
Well, I had the results today.

They found something.

They found a small lump in the middle of the right side, at the top.....sort of 11 o'clock, and back a bit, (if you are facing me).
It is believed to be benign....
(Which is from the Latin, meaning friendly, never say that you don't learn anything here on this blog! Lol!)

Anyway, this, apparently explains some of the symptoms that I have shown.
Discussions will take place between my Ocologist and a Neurologist. So I just have to wait now.

I had to have an x-ray on my hips today too, it is believed that my joints have been effected by the radiotherapy or I have arthritis....again, wait and see.

I had some blood tests done. I have to have a mammogram, some sort of test on my bones, and I have  been put on medication for my stomach cramps. These are either as a result of the treatment(s), or the symptoms of possible further 'issues'.
Again, wait and see..................................

The lethargy and tiredness are to be expected, and may last for a very long time. The tinnitus, the same.....So....suck it up! Lol!

My 'short fuse?'..........
My Mum complained to the Ocologist about that.
The oncologist said that it was to be expected considering all of the treatment that I have experienced over the past few months........................

My daughter said:-
 'Rubbish! You have always had a bad temper!' Lol!
Who? Moi? Never!!
(She wasn't there, this came up in a phone conversation after the appointment.)

The neuropathy in my feet....nothing can be done, the pain that I get some times is due to this, and I need to be careful what shoes I wear and where I walk etc..........which I do.

I have to see the Oncologist every 3 months for the rest of my life.
My next appointment is 3rd November.

The good news is:-
The infection that I had is gone, there is no indication that the original lump has returned.
It is believed that the lump on my brain is benign.
All the test that the Oncologist believes that I need are under way or done.
Any idiotic things that I do, I can blame on the brain lump! Lol!

(Phew! An excuse at last!)
I am able to go back to work.

I am going back to work on Monday....a phased return over 6 weeks.

So now, unless there is something that I NEED to know on the 'hurry up', it is returning to the watchful waiting, and another appointment on 3rd November.

So, all is well on the Western Front!


Anonymous said...

Here's to your friendly lump remaining 'friendly' I don't have an excuse for the idiotic things I do, apart from being blonde that is, and even thats not real, i'm a red head naturaly!!, Hope you enjoy your first day back at work, take care,
Lynn x

Carol said...

Hi Lynn,
Of course it will remain friendly...what else can it be when attached to me?> (She says as she bats her lashes and looks all coy and sweet....OK, not sweet....) Lol!
Why would you go blonde if you are a natural red dream, would love to be a red red, with green eyes! First day back to work is going to be 'character building', I think! Lol!