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Sunday, 16 January 2011

16th Jan - day 12 of 2nd chemo cycle

As I anticipated, yesterday was a good day!

Today, I am off out for the day with a friend of mine. That will be great.

It's my Mum's birthday today, she will be 82.
Mum lives with me, because she became too unwell to live alone.
Mum moved in with me in November 2009.
She bent down to pick something up and a vertebrae in her back fractured.
On top of that, she had new valves put in to hear heart, then had a stroke under the anaesthetic, although, that was a few years before, and she did recover well.
Mum is a very independent lady!
Anyway, she lives with me so that I can care for her.

When I am feeling yucky after the chemo, Mum is caring for me!
She checks on me, makes sure I eat..............
This seems so unfair.
I feel so guilty, because that is not how it should be.....I should be caring for HER,  all the time, not just 10-12 days out of 20!
Bless you Mum, I love you!

Anyway, she said that she needs nothing for her birthday, well tough luck, you are going to get something anyway!

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