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Sunday, 2 January 2011

3rd January '11 - 21st day of 1st chemo cycle

Felt tired yesterday after noon, but managed to stay up until 10.00pm. Wow!
I had my shower yesterday morning, and was wondering why the shower wasn't draining, so I checked the plug and cleaned it out. It was full of my hair,
Water drained OK when it was all removed.
Dare say that it will happen again this morning when I get in the shower.
My scalp was sore all day yesterday, and is sore this morning.
I had a headache most of the day yesterday, which is unusual for me, and woke with sinusitis again this morning.

I am off to the hospital tomorrow for tests and then again on 5th for the 2nd infusion of chemo, which will take about 9 hours. That will be the 1st day of the 2nd cycle of see, I have worked it all out now! Lol!

I did cook dinner, and no one complained of having  hairs in it, so that was good.
Depending on how much falls out today, I will probably shave it off. It is a little weird finding hairs every where at each turn of my head.
It will certainly make getting ready in the mornings a lot easier! No hair to wash, no 'blow drying'.......
I will just include my head in my face washing! Lol!

Getting back to B&Q............
I felt guilty sounding off with out letting B&Q that I was unhappy, so I wrote an email making an official complaint.
It was polite, and stated that the staff were good, but that it was the policy that I disagreed with.
I haven't heard anything back.
Mum, Derek and I went to Machine Mart and bought what we wanted.
 It was their last one, but they DID sell it to us!
The only thing is, we left a piece of it there, so I have to go back and get it today!

Life is back to normal now after the holidays, so I have a number of calls to make today in response to letters that I received during the holidays, that will take a couple of hours.
(You know, after I have pressed button this then button that with the options, hung on because 'My call is important to them',   'They will answer my call as soon as possible'........whilst I am hanging on the line, they will make things even more unpleasant in the hope that I will hang up and call back later by playing some bloody awful music! - to top it all, I will probably be humming it for the rest of the day!)

Never mind, I will think lovely thoughts,  put a smile on my face and wait, just like always, Lol!

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