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Monday, 31 January 2011

1st February - 7th day of 3rd chemo cycle

Good morning!
Well, I am up at a decent hour this morning, despite going to bed relatively early last night.

I was easily tired yesterday......I had to rest after my shower, then again after each task that I under took, but I managed to get them done.

Things seem to be a little different this cycle, I can't really put my finger on it.
I am swollen all over....hands, feet, neck, fact, my chin seems to have disappeared, it looks like my face is part of my neck!!!???

The top of my head is really sore too.

My throat is sore, and most of my body is unable to tolerate any tighter clothing on it, like underwear, waistbands to skirts and trousers.

My eyesight is still a bit squiffy.....I am weeing for England..(no change there then!)

I had a really good night's sleep.

My temperature seems to be OK.
My head doesn't feel like it is full of treacle, which is how it has felt for a couple of days...(well, so far this morning, anyway).

Emotionally and psychologically.....well, I have been up and down, up and down over the past couple of days.

Right now, this very minute, I feel fine.

I have loads of support from friends, family and work colleagues.....
So, today's conclusion...I am a very lucky girl!

So all in all, the positives are still out weighing the negatives.

Sunday, 30 January 2011

31st Jan - Day 6 of 3rd Chemo cycle

Well, here I am at silly O'clock again! lol!
My own fault!
Felt a bit 'delicate' yesterday, so I was napping all day, went to bed at 20.00hrs, and here I am!

I am not feeling too bad, certainly a lot better than yesterday!

I have noticed that I have swollen up like a water balloon....hands, feet, face.......hopefully that will all go as the day progresses.

No tinnitus this morning! That is the first time for yonkers!!!!

My body is a bit tender...back, shoulders, neck, but no worse than the last cycle, so that is good.

I feel as if I can carry on with ordinary life today, just as well, because I have so much to do!

I am looking forward to getting it all done........
Pick Mum's new glasses up from the optician,
Get some shopping in......the cupboards are running a bit bit bare....Talk about 'Old Mother Hubbard!'
Try the Wedding set that I made for my niece, she is coming this morning to see it.
Price up the other jewellery that I have made.
Check that the M.O,T went well on Keith's potential new camper van.

General cleaning and domestic chores, although, I can't say that that has filled me with with too much excitement! lol!

30th Jan Day 5 of 3rd Chemo session

Well, I had a bad night last night, couldn't sleep, felt nauseous, dizzy and generally yukky.

I was supposed to be going to Bristol today, go and see my Son Robert, have lunch with a friend, and come back.
I was really looking forward to it.

Oh well, things could be worse....
Hopefully I will feel well enough in the week.

I am feeling quite tired today, but that is to be expected as I was up for much of the night.

I think that I will have a long, hot and powerful shower, get dressed and take the day slowly...
I may even feel better after my shower, usually do!!!!!!

Saturday, 29 January 2011

29th Jan - Day 4 of 3rd chemo cycle

Today is a good day, I am feeling positive, and as long as I don't dwell on the radiotherapy, I am feeling pretty good.
Still having some side effects, but they are manageable. far, no worse than after the first cycle, and better than the 2nd cycle.........

I have had a nice long chat with a very good friend of mine this morning,
I have another good friend coming for a few days,
I am going to visit my son in Bristol,
I have finished making a tiara, necklace, earrings and bracelet for my niece's wedding,
I have organised a week end away to view the wedding venue for my daughter's wedding,
My son is coming to visit next week end

What else is there, life is good!

Friday, 28 January 2011

28th Jan - day 3 of 3rd chemo cycle

Gone off coffee again!
So it is tea for me for a few days.
Palpations, heartburn, incontinent of urine, tinnitus, complete lack of concentration and focus.
Sleeping patterns all over the place.
Everything is manageable though.

So far, so good.
I think that I have to go a day at a time, and not think to much about what is coming next.
Until it comes.........

I have been thinking about how I can help....
I am already a qualified Aromatherapist, so I thought that I would specialise in palliative care and Aromathery for people with cancer.

It is a two day course, and I can do it online.

I have been a registered organ donor since I was 18years.....and of course, now, no one will want any of my bits, nor can I give blood, so I think that this is a way that I can give something back.

Already starting to feel better!!!!

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

27th Jan 2nd day of 3rd chemo cycle

Yesterday, Pete, my brother in law to me to the hospital,
Dot, my sister in law stayed for the first hour.
We arrived at 08.30.
Mum came in the afternoon.
We left at 17.30

I was so tired, and I kept dropping off to sleep.
I was told that my blood levels were the lowest that they had been so far, and this would explain my tiredness
Apparently, if the blood level drops further, and I become more tired, I need to contact the hospital.
If the level drops a further 0.6,  - a blood transfusion may be require.

Well, it wont, because I wont let it! (thank you slappers).

During the chemo, I felt great discomfort in my arm, (the one with the drip).
This was when the syrup type substance was infused, it was dealt with promptly by the nurse.

I was very tired and dizzy when I got home.

Slept like a brink until 02.00, when I need to use the loo, and I found it difficult to go back to sleep.
I can downstairs for a drink, I made a coffee, and had a bit of a surf on the net, went to take a sip of coffee, and it wasn't there.
Spent a few minutes looking for it.

A day of confusion ahead?

I had put it in the fridge! (I am hoping that this isn't how the day proceeds, lol).
I don't know though, it may be fun and liven up the day.

I am going back to bed now ..05.00.
See you tomorrow.
Have a great day!

Still today, day 1 of 3rd chemo cycle

Well, I have been 'virtually' slapped from all directions, my little body, (OK, my not so little body), is positively glowing....
or should I say,
'Glowing with positivity',
So thanks to all my little slappers out there!
You know who you are!

So, a great big thank you!

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

26th Jan 1st day of 3rd chemo cycle

I think that having to go to the hospital 3 times this week, and discussing the radiotherapy has made me feel a bit sorry for myself.
When I was first diagnosed, I had a look on the internet under:-
Neuro Endocrine Small Cell Carcinoma of the vagina.
I looked again on Monday evening.

Nothing new has been posted....
Basically, there are only 25 recorded cases in English literature, only one survived longer than 2years, regardless of having the treatment.
With these stats, I am wondering if I really want to feel like sh*t for 25% - 1/4 of  what is potentially, the rest of my life!

Will someone come and give me a 'good slapping'.
Negativity is creeping in, and I must not to allow it!
I must! Must! Must find my positive head...........
Will post again when I get back from chemo, depending how I feel.

24th Jan - day 20 of 2nd cycle of chemo

I went to see the Oncologist yesterday to discuss Radiotherapy.

This is what will happen.

Have bloods Taken.

1st day of 3rd chemo cycle.

7th Feb.
CT Scan.
Go and be 'measured' for radiotherapy. This will make sure that the 'zapping' takes place in the 'desired area'.

The Area.
Pelvis and vagina.

3 - 4 weeks.
At the end of the next chemo cycle the radio therapy starts.
This will be over about 5 weeks.
I will have radiotherapy daily for 28 days, this will be Mon - Fri, not over the week ends.

Side effects of radiotherapy.
The area being 'zapped' will be very sore, and present like severe sunburn.
These will be constant through out the whole 4 - 5 weeks.
Shrinking of the vagina, this will occur over the period of treatment, and wuld be permanent.
To avoid this happening, I need to wear a 'dilator' in my vagina for 2-3 days a week, keeping it in all day.

There may be permanent damage to the bowel.
This would present as constipation right through to being unable to empty the bowel due to a blockage. The later is apparently rare.

When this is over, I have to start chemo again.
3 x 3 chemo cycles as now.

These 3 x 3 weekly cycles started on 19th December.
They took place
19th Dec 2010
13th Jan 2011
26th Jan (tomorrow).

I am not sure how I feel about all of this yet.
I will discuss that here tomorrow.

Have a great day!

Sunday, 23 January 2011

24th Jan - day 20 of 2nd cycle of chemo

Raging sinusitis, galloping heart burn and tinnitus this morning.
Not a lot else to say right now.

I have my hospital appointment at 15.45 today, so a lot more to report after that.
Blood tests tomorrow.
Ist day of next cycle on Wednesday....busy this week.

This is not a week that I am looking forward to! lol

Needs must, and all that!

23rd Jan - day 19 of 2nd chemo cycle

Well, I went off into town yesterday..I felt really well, looking forward to dining out, have a nosey around the shops..Great!

Would you believe it, I left my bloody purse at home, never done that before in my life!!!!!
So, I have to say that my concentration and ability to focus has definitely been affected!
(Or I am loosing the plot completely lol!)

I will go again on Monday, to do what I didn't do yesterday due to my stupidity.
I will go before I go to the hospital to discuss radiotherapy...urghhhhh

I forgot that it was Wolves v Liverpool at home, so there was no parking in my usual spot, just as well really, because I had no money to pay!
I got caught in all the traffic on the way home...

Yep, yesterday was 'character building'. 

Friday, 21 January 2011

22nd Jan - day 17 of 2nd chemo cycle

I was really tired yesterday, and had an early night, and I slept right through until 07.30, which is quite late for me.
Still taking my temperature twice daily, and this remains between 36.2 and 36.9.
Tinnitus, sinusitis, heartburn, lack of concentration and tiredness remain constant.
In fact, I think that the tinnitus is getting worse, which is a bit of a worry, as I was told that this may be permanent.
If it remains as it is, I can live with it, so that is not too bad.
I intend to be as active as I can, and whoop it up a little over this week end, because,

starting Monday, I have all these hospital appointments, and on Wednesday another chemo session.
Nerves are starting to get the better of me again...........

Monday, I should find out about the radiotherapy, side effects and how it will affect me......
I will report back and list the potential side effects then.

Hope that you are all keeping well, see you tomorrow!

21st Jan - day 17 of 2nd chemo cycle

Well, here we are again, another day crossed on the calendar!
No too different to yesterday regarding the side effects.

I did some cleaning and washing, played on my computer,
(Quite honestly, I still tire easily, and I had a very active 2 days with  Roxanne, so I indulged in some couch potato time!)

I had a phone call from the Oncologist at he Hospital. This was yesterday afternoon.
He was asking if I was well, and how I was coping with the chemo.

Awww, how nice, I thought........

The reason he phoned is that I was supposed to be at the hospital, and he was concerned because I wasn't there!
I had forgotten.

See, I told you that I couldn't focus and concentrate very well!
So, I now have to go to the Hospital on Monday to discuss how I am coping with the chemo, and discuss the next stage....Radiotherapy.
I have to go to Hospital on Tuesday for blood tests.
And I have to go on Wednesday for the next chemo infusion.
This is the last cycle until after the radiotherapy, when we start all over again!

(Carol gives a big sigh of fed upness!)
Yes, I know, there is no such word!

Yep, that is how I feel!

My son Keith phoned me yesterday.

He was in a car crash. He wasn't hurt, nor was anyone else, which is great news.
Sarah's car is a write off though.
They live in the Lake District and it is still very icy there, and there are a lot of windy roads on hills.
I should imagine that he is as fed up as I am, because his car gave up the ghost a week or so ago, and had to be scrapped.

Well, these things are sent to try us, and try us, they bloody do!

All in all, I feel fine!

Thursday, 20 January 2011

20th Jan - day 16 of 2nd cycle of chemo

Sinusitis is quite bad this morning. In fact it was the pain that woke me up. I think that I am going to have to take some pain killers today.
It shouldn't last long though, so in about 1 hour, I will be feeling reasonably well, so that is good.

The next chemo cycle is getting I am feeling a bit apprehensive, I can't say that I am looking forward to it, but what's a girl to do....
So....'Suck it up, Carol!'

"Urban Dictionary - Suck it up - to endure a period or mental, physical or emotional hardship with no complaining."

I had a good couple of days whilst Roxanne was here. We got a few things sorted.
Keith, my son wants to come next week, which will be great, but I have to work out when I am going to be worth visiting, so it may have to wait until the week after.
My friend will be here for the week-end after the next chemo, I should be feeling well enough then, although I don't think that I will be dancing lol!

So, lots of planning to do, loads of visitors, lots of loose ends to tie up between now and 26th, so everything is coming together .

That can't be bad!!

I am content.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

19th Jan day 15 of 2nd chemo cycle

Morning all!
Side effects,
Not a lot of change really, heartburn and sinusitis being a pain this morning.

The wedding....
Well, so far we have sorted:-
Date.       Sat. 6th August.
Ring        Roxanne has seen the one she wants, and has taken the code and place to purchase.
Dress      Roxy knows what she wants, has given picture to my friend Mandy, who will make it.
                (Thanks Mandy)!
Venue     choice of 2, and we will go and see them after 7th Feb, when  I will be having more  'good  days.

So, Wonder  Woman's work is now done! (For a while, any way)

I dare say that there will be more to do today when Roxanne gets another bright idea!


Monday, 17 January 2011

18th Jan - day 14 of 2nd chemo cycle

Well, sinusitis has come back as last time. Heartburn remains. These are the 2 'biggies' at the moment.
The others are more manageable
My daughter is coming today!
We will be discussing her  wedding.
I am really looking forward to it..

The insurance has been paid at last!
I can now make sure that my funeral is paid for, help financially with the wedding, help my son get a new car, (his died this week).

Organise some family week ends away, making sure that I plan them to coincide with my 'good days', and save the rest to see us through in case I need to take more time off work than I had anticipated and still pay all the household bills.

Yes, all is quiet on the Western Front!

17th Jan - day 13 of 2nd chemo cycle

Had a great day yesterday, chatting and laughing over coffee and cake........

I have to wear make up or I look very pale and insipid.
My hair has pretty much all gone, and my eyebrows are thinning.
(The weird thing about that is, they are thinning where I want eyebrows, but all the little devils that I pluck out are still there! This means that despite loosing my eyebrow hair, I still have to pluck! Crazy!)

When I 'make up',  as I said, I have to darken my brows with an eye pencil.
Anyway, making up yesterday, doing my stuff, I have a number of eye pencils in different colours, the pencils look similar, and just have the colour written on them.

I had only painted my eyebrows in bottle green..... I had to wash it off and start again. I had to draw on my hand first to find the brown...that is how bad my close up vision has become lol!

Side effects
Sinusitis has kicked in, heartburn there all the time.
The other side effects that are there all the time have almost become 'normal', so don't really get a mention, like:
Toilet timing, tinnitus, tiring easily, lack of ability to concentrate, frustration and irritability.
Heartburn seems to come in a 'block' of time .
Sore body comes for a few days.
Nausea comes and goes, but get it more during the first 5-10 days. Complete lethargy and tiredness comes for the first 5-10  days. I will look back over my blog and do a bit of a chart, that may help others, and me, when I am trying to plan an outing or visits etc.

Hmm, that will be a nice little project for me.

See you tomorrow, have a good day.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

16th Jan - day 12 of 2nd chemo cycle

As I anticipated, yesterday was a good day!

Today, I am off out for the day with a friend of mine. That will be great.

It's my Mum's birthday today, she will be 82.
Mum lives with me, because she became too unwell to live alone.
Mum moved in with me in November 2009.
She bent down to pick something up and a vertebrae in her back fractured.
On top of that, she had new valves put in to hear heart, then had a stroke under the anaesthetic, although, that was a few years before, and she did recover well.
Mum is a very independent lady!
Anyway, she lives with me so that I can care for her.

When I am feeling yucky after the chemo, Mum is caring for me!
She checks on me, makes sure I eat..............
This seems so unfair.
I feel so guilty, because that is not how it should be.....I should be caring for HER,  all the time, not just 10-12 days out of 20!
Bless you Mum, I love you!

Anyway, she said that she needs nothing for her birthday, well tough luck, you are going to get something anyway!

Friday, 14 January 2011

15th Jan - day 11 of 2nd chemo cycle

Yesterday was a very good day....still had the side effects, but watered down lol!
Lots of contact from friends, family and work colleagues....a nice bit of 'ego massage', always make me feel good, but don't tell anyone.
All in all,

James Brown

Whoa-oa-oa! I feel good, I knew that I would, now
I feel good, I knew that I would, now
So good, so good, I got you

Whoa! I feel nice, like sugar and spice
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{ sax, two licks to bridge }

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and I feel nice, like sugar and spice
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{ sax, two licks to bridge }

When I hold you in my arms
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and I feel nice, like sugar and spice
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Whoa! I feel good, I knew that I would, now
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So good, so good, I got you
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So good, so good, I got you

15th Jan - day 11 of 2nd chemo cycle

Felt quite good all day yesterday, other than heart burn and a bit of dizziness, not too bad at all.
I had a lot of contact from friends, family and work colleagues wishing me well, that was great....
and an ego massage always helps, lol!
Tomorrow, I am going out with a friend, fab!
Tuesday, my daughter is coming for a day or 2.
I have got a lot to keep me busy over the next few days..........
All in all................
Life is great!

Thursday, 13 January 2011

14th Jan - day 10 of 2nd chemo cycle

And another good morning to you all!
side effects are much the same, the MOST noticeable are tiredness, changing eyesight, sore mouth and mouth ulcers, (not a lot of bleeding this time though -so far), and heart burn.

So far, out of the 20-21 days of each cycle, the first 5 days have been the worst, feeling a great deal better day 6-10, although, I couldn't say that I felt well, then slowly starting to feel better and better.......feeling pretty good under the circumstances by day 18, just in time for the next cycle to being, day 20-21. (Seeing the rest of this cycle out will confirm that, (or not, as the case maybe)!
The side effects seem to worsen with each cycle, so following that logic, I am expecting to feel worse during the next cycle.....Oh Joy!

I took a trip to the opticians regarding my eyesight, and was told that it was not uncommon for chemo to affect vision, and that 'normal' vision should return after the chemo.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

13th Jan - Day - 9th day of 2nd chemo cycle

Good Morning!
I am feeling particularly positive this morning.
I can hear the birds singing, and there seems to be a 'newness' in the air,.......
I don't know...a smell, a feeling, a perception...hard to explain....
Any way, who cares, it feels Good!

To be honest, I didn't sleep as well as usual last night, a bit fretful, and strange dreams, of course, I can't remember them now, but I do know that I had!

Side effects....
Well, they have pretty much remained the same, but, interestingly, my taste in foods/drinks have changed.

I have been a coffee drinker for yonkers.....never took tea, (unless it was herbal...nettle, chamomile, peppermint etc).
Tea, always made my mouth feel like I was 'sucking on suede'.
I have never taken sugar in coffee....
Now, I don't like coffee, and I drink tea with sugar!

Chocolate, a real passion, (I have always been able to resist anything except temptation, lol).
Well, I don't like that much any more, (chocolate, that is, I can still succumb to temptation...easy peasy!)

I have always liked fruit, vegetables and, that is all I want, along with a renewed passion for pasta!
As I mentioned earlier, I have never been one to take sugar in coffee etc, or on cereal, now, I have to have sugar!
I have tried fresh fruit instead of sugar on cereal, which is how I have always preferred my cereal, but it isn't hitting the spot any more..It has to be sugar!

Oooooo, and nothing to do with a change in taste....but you really must try ice cream with warm custard, another passion of mine, that, so far, has stayed with me..........Oooooo, I am getting all excited just thinking about it!

Still today!

One of the guys from the DLO at work, (Direct Labour Operatives), came to see me today, with a beautiful bouquet from 'The Boys at DLO'.
That was lovely, thank you very much!

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

12 Jan

Back on track!
Yesterday was a good day!

I was busy doing boring housework chores, and then I went out into town............
(Insurance Company has still not deposited the money, - little devils).
Spent 4 hours in town, stopping when I felt I needed to.......
I bought some more head scarves.....
Better be careful that the buying of new 'head coverings' doesn't put my shoe and earring obsession in the shade.

EEEEEEK, Shock, Horror!
Don't worry girls, I wont let you down,
I will ensure that I divide my obsessions equally between all 3!

Shoes Rule! O.K!

Side effects.....
Sore mouth, tinnitus, sore lips, body hurts all over, especially the bottom of my feet, tiredness, changing eye sight, shaking hands, occasional nausea, nails in poor condition, heartburn, pretty much the same ones.......

When I went out yesterday, I wore my scarf on my head, and a 'cap', (straight out of the '60's - fab!).
Anyway, it created a blind spot when I was driving, so as soon as I got to town, the first thing I bought was a woolly hat that looked like a teddy bear....ears and all!

A bit like this one.....................
Couldn't resist it. I can drive safely in this.

Monday, 10 January 2011

11th Jan - day 7 of 2nd chemo cycle

Yesterday was a bad day.
Despite trying to be as positive as possible, I felt really unwell.
I slept for most of the day.
My whole body hurt.

I felt weak, not having the strength to brush teeth, carry a plate to the sink.......
Yes, yesterday was a bad day.

Today, however, is another day.

We will see what we will see today.

I am expecting a good day.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

10th Jan - day 6 of 2nd cycle of chemo


Unpleasant explosion in Wolverhampton, England ............ AVERTED!!!!!

You can all sleep peacefully in your beds now!

Today, my back, shoulders, arms, head, neck and the bottom of my feet are very tender.
I feel as if I have been beaten!
Other than that, it is the same as yesterday, so not to bad.

Oh, in an earlier post, I did say that I had made a complaint to B&Q. I just wanted to let you know that they did get back to me and said that they had taken my comments, 'On board'......

I also had a letter stating that the insurance company was definitely going to pay out on my critical illness policy. So that is good.

I really would advise any one to take this type of policy out, because, you never know.........
Anyway, I intend to pay for my funeral so that my children are not burdened with it.
(Not that I am intending to go anywhere!)
Nope...I am here for a long time yet!

I think that I may be able to stray a little way from the 'conveniences' today, so I am going to check at the bank and see if the money has been deposited yet, and if it has, I may even treat myself to something nice.

I can dream, can't I? Lol

9th Jan - day 5 of 2nd chemo cycle

Good morning.....
Not too early today, 08.44.
I go to bed at 19..00 last night, get up at 02.00this morning, go back to bed at 04.00 and then got up again now.
I have to be careful or I will not know if it is night or day lol.

Still have heartburn, poor vision, tinnitus, lack of concentration, my hands are shaking.
I can't tell if I need the loo, and have to continue 'toilet timing' myself, and I am constipated.
(I have taken senacot every night since the 5th Jan,) doesn't seem to have helped, and I am eating fruit and vegetables like they are going out of fashion.
Hopefully, today's the day!
If not, I am in great danger of exploding!

The good news is, I have no more tablets to take until the 2nd day of my next chemo cycle, which starts on 26th Jan.
(I do have some anti-sickness tablets to take if required, but they are not compulsory).

So, in a nut shell, things could be worse, and I am lucky to get away with minimal pain, discomfort and inconvenience so far to date.
Still away to go, so I won't get too complacent.

All things considered, I am not feeling too bad.
I daren't stray to far from the home, in case I get caught short, so I feel a bit like a prisoner in my own home.

Friday, 7 January 2011

8th Jan - 4th day of 2nd chemo cycle

Yep, your right, silly O'clock again!

Experienced side effects.....
Tinnitus, heartburn, palpitations, headache, nausea, mild incontinence, (whoopeeedeee for tena lady).
impaired vision, (worse than last time), lack of concentration, general irritability and galloping wind!
And, oh, so very tired and 'lack lustre'!
For most part, none on the side effects presented them self as more severe than this time last cycle, apart from the vision, and perhaps the concentration.

It is taking me longer to write the blog as I have to read and re-read, edit and then I find that I have still missed something.
This is driving me nuts, and is causing for me, I have decided to accept that I have a temporary disability and claim my equality, patience and understanding! So there!

Having to put alarms on my phone to ensure that I take this tablet at this time, food this time, then another tablet...........
This is a bit restricting.
For example, if I wanted to go to bed for a sleep, I have to time it to perfection to ensure I can get an hour or 2 in between each 'medication time' or time to eat.
Failed that quest miserably yesterday!

I have a greater understanding of people who have to do this on a daily and continuous basis!
I am so grateful that I have to do this for only 4 days in 21!
For all of you out there, who are not as lucky as me, I am thinking of you!

After more coffee, and a little look around blogs and face book, I am going to get a shower, change and wash the sheets, do a bit of cleaning and anything that needs doing that I feel able to do.

Still today

Tinnitus has just kicked in, and a complete lack of concentration..........
Making so many mistakes, many of them publicly...making me feel like a complete fool!
Never mind, I knew that it would out eventually!! Lol

Thursday, 6 January 2011

7th December - day 3 of 2nd chemo cycle

Up at stupid O'clock again!
Felt a bit delicate most of the day yesterday.....
Very tired, nauseous, but I wasn't sick, so that is good.
Headaches, palpitations and heart burn.Managed to keep them under control.
Used paracetamol, anti-acid tabs and rest, so everything is in place to make things as easy as possible.

Still taking temperature twice daily and that is stable, low, but stable.
Still have to take my chemo meds today, last day for a while. Next infusion of chemo meds in hospital 26th Jan.
It is panning out similarly to the beginning of the last cycle so far.
If it continues to follow the same course, and the same level, I should be over the worst in about 10-14days, get one very good week, and then start again.

So all in all, life is good!

6th Jan - day 2 of 2nd chemo cycle.

 As I stated, I was really tired when I got home, and I felt dizzy, light headed and nauseous.
I went to the loo, holding on to the wall and bannisters. Did my stuff, and came back down stairs.
Lost my balance on the last 2 steps and slipped. 
The only thing hurt was my pride, but I thought it prudent to stay seated for a while.

Despite being tired, I didn't want to go to bed feeling nauseous, so I took the decision to stay up until the feeling subsided. That was about 01.40. By this time, I had a headache that would kill 2 men!

I was kept well entertained on Face book! Lol!
I slept well, and got up at 07.00.
Not dizzy and light headed, but still a bit nauseous, not to worry, I have the anti-sickness meds that have to be taken today, along with further chemo meds. Need to do the same tomorrow.

I am 'expanding' at an uncomfortable rate The cancer that I have has the effect of weight loss OR weight gain.
Wouldn't you know that I get the weight gain......b*gger!
The meds that I have to take, also have the same side effect!  Urghhhhhh.
Never mind, apparently radio therapy has the side effect of weight loss and loss of appetite. Redemtion! Lol.

By special request, I will be posting a pic of me in a wig later today. (I have 2, the NHS one isn't ready yet, when it is, I will post a pic in that.

Still feeling very positive....this will NOT get me!

I would like to thank you all for reading this blog....It's great knowing that I am not talking to myself!
Between you, you come from 24 different Countries, and have clocked up over 2,000 hits.
Thanks again. 
Please, do feel free to comment.