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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

4th January, after bloods

Well, I have definitely got some blood!
A bit was taken, I was there and back in half an hour.
Tomorrow is the 1st day of the second cycle, I am not looking forward to it al all.
But, sais la vie and all that..................

As I said, I shaved my head last night because I was fed up with hair in my food and all over the place.

This one is shaved and proud! Lol!

With my 'head gear'! Lol!

I bought the hat from Hooties at £0.39!
(This is $0.60, Euro 0.46).
The scarf was £3.00! ($4.63, Euro 3.53).

My head feels so much better since I shaved it.
There is no soreness or tenderness now, so that is fab!!

Anyway, see if I still have that silly grin on my face tomorrow!!

Have a good day, talk to you tomorrow, before I go, and when I get back if I feel able.
Wish me luck!

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