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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

19th Jan day 15 of 2nd chemo cycle

Morning all!
Side effects,
Not a lot of change really, heartburn and sinusitis being a pain this morning.

The wedding....
Well, so far we have sorted:-
Date.       Sat. 6th August.
Ring        Roxanne has seen the one she wants, and has taken the code and place to purchase.
Dress      Roxy knows what she wants, has given picture to my friend Mandy, who will make it.
                (Thanks Mandy)!
Venue     choice of 2, and we will go and see them after 7th Feb, when  I will be having more  'good  days.

So, Wonder  Woman's work is now done! (For a while, any way)

I dare say that there will be more to do today when Roxanne gets another bright idea!


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