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Sunday, 23 January 2011

23rd Jan - day 19 of 2nd chemo cycle

Well, I went off into town yesterday..I felt really well, looking forward to dining out, have a nosey around the shops..Great!

Would you believe it, I left my bloody purse at home, never done that before in my life!!!!!
So, I have to say that my concentration and ability to focus has definitely been affected!
(Or I am loosing the plot completely lol!)

I will go again on Monday, to do what I didn't do yesterday due to my stupidity.
I will go before I go to the hospital to discuss radiotherapy...urghhhhh

I forgot that it was Wolves v Liverpool at home, so there was no parking in my usual spot, just as well really, because I had no money to pay!
I got caught in all the traffic on the way home...

Yep, yesterday was 'character building'. 

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