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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

26th Jan 1st day of 3rd chemo cycle

I think that having to go to the hospital 3 times this week, and discussing the radiotherapy has made me feel a bit sorry for myself.
When I was first diagnosed, I had a look on the internet under:-
Neuro Endocrine Small Cell Carcinoma of the vagina.
I looked again on Monday evening.

Nothing new has been posted....
Basically, there are only 25 recorded cases in English literature, only one survived longer than 2years, regardless of having the treatment.
With these stats, I am wondering if I really want to feel like sh*t for 25% - 1/4 of  what is potentially, the rest of my life!

Will someone come and give me a 'good slapping'.
Negativity is creeping in, and I must not to allow it!
I must! Must! Must find my positive head...........
Will post again when I get back from chemo, depending how I feel.

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Wendy @ Alphabotts said...

OI Carol, positive good thoughts remember, you have all of us rooting for you and sending you love and prayers so none of this negativity shit. You are a strong gorgeous woman and whilst we cant be there to support you in person, we are supporting you in cyber and that has to be in your thoughts more so then the negative stuff. Besides I want to be able to say that it is possible to get a vagina tightening :-) Hey did I mention that my husband has family in Wolverhampton, so if I read negativity I will send them round to box your ears and trust me you wont want that heheh. Chin up friend and onward and upward. Love Wendy xx