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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

6th September - Just some silliness


I was doing a 'sponsored walk' for Mencap.
The walk was over a distance of 21 miles in length.
A beautiful day! I made some sandwiches, filled a couple of large bottles with water,
packed up my rucksack...........
I took Tandy, my beautiful dog....Collie/Labrador cross, (Water, bowl and treats for her also packed).
We jumped in the car, (A red Volkswagon Polo).
Of we drive to the meeting point.
This was at a large park, Mencap had their premises there.

There was no parking there, so I parked on a street.
All the streets were narrow, and there were terraced houses on both sides, two up, two down. There were many streets.
Any way, I eventually found a space, parked up, and me and Tandy walked to the meeting point, with time to spare.
Tandy and the other dogs went 'bum sniffing', as they do, and we people, did our own version of the same, introducing, chatting, know.

Ok, time for the off, by this time, every one had gather in their cliques, again, a very natural thing....and off we went.

The sun is still shining, lots of talking, laughing and stopping for little breaks, eating, get the picture.
O.K. 21 Miles completed!!!!!

Back to the car!
All the good byes done, final bout of 'bum sniffing', not me, Tandy!
We headed back to the car................NOT THERE!
I walked up and down the street loads of times, definitely NOT THERE!
It has been stolen!!!!!!!
No mobiles phones then..........I went searching for a phone box 
There wasn't one on the street where I parked the car, so I went to other streets.
I am on the next Street, and see a phone box........Bummer, it is broken.
Now on another street with a phone box, that one is also buggered.
Right now I am really tired and really stressed! We stopped for a while, Tandy had a couple of treats, and some water, and I had an apple.
OK, off to the next street, I am still eating my apple.
Another phone box! is working!!!!!!
Back then, there were phone books in phone boxes, and some numbers under glass that were useful. (There were also business cards stuck to the inside of the box offering 'various services'. Most of these cards were hand written..........that's by the by.
Any how, looked for the number of the local Police Station and dialled.......
I explained what had happened to the man that answered, he said that there was an officer in the area, and he would meet me in a moment. I had given him the name of the street, and it was agreed that I would meet him by the phone box.

I set Tandy up with water and treats while we waited, I was still chomping on my apple.

Shortly after, the police officer arrived. I told him the whole story, gave him the make and model of my car, and the registration number. I told him where I had parked it. He dutifully wrote down all of the details, and then a really weird look came to his face. He squinted, and briskly walked a few paces passed me in the direction that he was facing......................
I was turning around to see where he had gone, I thought that he had 'flipped!' Lol!
As I was turning, he called me. He was now standing still, about 50 yards away.
I started to walk towards him........................................
Oh, my goodness!
What an idiot!
He was standing right next to my car! Clearly, I had been looking on the wrong street! That was exactly where I had left it.
The police officer was NOT amused!
He was clearly annoyed. He gave me a jolly good telling off! I felt terrible!
Sadly, I didn't learn from this experience, I have 'lost' my car so many times.......................(But, I have not called the police)!


Anonymous said...

Ha ha, Carol I did exactly the same thing a couple of months ago, minus the 21 miles though!, but my policeman was very nice about it, said he wished every call out turned out to be a false alarm, and that would mean a much less crime rate....learnt my lesson though, I haven't lost it since lol x

Carol said...

Hi Anon,
I think that this is easily done....well, for me anyway! At least you learned form your experience....sadly, not me! Lol!

Anonymous said...

Ooops sorry that was me Lynn x

Carol said...

Hi lynn,
I thought that it was you, couldn't be sure......Lol!