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Saturday, 1 October 2011

Saturday 1st October

Blimey! Where's the year gone?! October already!

Yesterday, I went to visit Roxanne in Leicester.
About 1 hour's drive. (I always use the Toll Road), because, as you know I really dislike the M6!

Anyway, we went out for lunch, sat in the gardens and chatted and had some fun.
Mum came too.

Whilst we were chatting, we decided that we would go the the local camping and caravan showroom. They used to have Motor homes, and loads of really great things to see.................

Well, we got there.............
What a load of rubbish!

No motor homes, very few tents, very disappointing!

I love to look......I like looking at new build show homes too....just because I am nosey, I suspect! Lol!

After this, we went back to Roxanne's. It was 17.00hrs by then, so we had a drink and continued chatting until the traffic died down and then headed home. This was about 18.00hrs.

It was a good move too............... easy drive to the M69, which was also clear.
Junction for the M6 in view, (I have to go on this to get on to the Toll Road, but just for a few miles).

Stone the Crows! M6 junction closed due to an accident.

OK., no diversion idea where to go next!
I decided NOT to use the sat nav in view of what happened on Thursday evening, so I decided to use use my magnificent sense of direction and finely tuned homing instincts!

(Of course, I did forget that I don't have any of these things).

Well, I took us all over the Country side, to places that I had never heard off.

Eventually, 3 1/2 hours later, I arrived at home.

I had been sitting in the same position for so long, that it took me nearly as long again to make my way from the car to the front door, because my hip and back had seized up!

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