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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

12th October

Today, it's my brother's birthday!
Happy Birthday Philip!

I had the appointment for the MRI scan come through today.
I have to go on Monday 17th October, so not too far away.
I wont have any results until I see the Oncologist on Thursday 3rd November.
That isn't too far away either!

I will know stuff soon!!!!!!

The better off you are when

Feeling pretty happy today!


Carole said...

Sending positive thoughts your way Carol...
As you say, once we *know* it's easier to put a plan in place - not knowing things drives me to insanity!

Big hugs...xxXxx

Lynn said...

Hi Carol,
Pleased your feeling happy today.....or is that because there's birthday cake to be had?? lol x

Carol said...

Hi Carole,
You are so right, I need to know!
I want to make get a life...a good one!

Hi Lynn,
Defo the birthday cake Lol! Going to Philip's birthday party on Saturday, stopping over, I can have a drink, the first one in 6 years!
Yay! Hic! Lol!