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Monday, 24 October 2011

24th October

Well, I phoned to see if we had any results.
The results are in.
No one will tell me what they are!
I was told that my Oncologist will discuss them with me on 3 Nov.
So.....that's that!

I am feeling so tired now that I am working full time.
I have been working 5 days each week for the past 2 weeks, however, I have been booking a day off each week for appointments and stuff. Still feeling tired.
Hope that I am over it by the time I need to be!

I went out on Friday night, I got there at about 19.30hrs, but I was ready to go home at 21.30hrs. Home at 21.50hrs, in bed for 22.00hrs!
I am turning into a boring old fart!!!!!!

The good news is.......
My leg and back pain, although always there, is not too much of an issue if I am seated or only walk very short distances.

Headaches.... I am still getting them, but, some how, knowing what is causing them makes them easier to cope with.


Carole said...

Hi Carol,

I really wish they'd just give you your results and try to understand how hard it is to be left waiting.

Have you considered that maybe you might need to permanently reduce your working hours? Full time might just be a bit too much now after all the treatment you've put your body through?

Take things easy hun, have a nice relaxing weekend and curl up with a good book or something that takes your mind off things.
Big hugs xxXxx

Carol said...

Hi Carole,
This waiting is frustrating! I am expecting all to be well.... maybe a bit of arthritis or something.
I would love to work part time, but I am the only earner in the house, My husband is unemployed, he doesn't even get any benefits because I am part time isn't an option, I am afraid.
I doubt that I will have the same or similar diagnoses to yours, because.......I feel that we have followed similar paths all the way through this, and to have the same diagnoses would be too coincidental.....even creepy! Lol!
I do wish you the very best, and you know where I am if you just want to vent.
I f I do get the same diagnosis, I would suspect that we are long lost twins..Lol!
Love and hugs. xxxxx