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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

4th October

Very interesting day today.
Firstly,  I walked to the local Doctor's with one of my new tenants, so that he would know how to get there in future, and to register. It isn't very far, but far enough for me to have to take my stick...................
Anyway, I made it there, sat whilst I waited for him to fill in the forms etc., then the walk back.
I did really well, felt good, then my knee gave way, I contorted in all sorts of challenging positions to prevent myself from falling........................................
Well, that was it, my hip and back were really, really painful, still are now as I type this.

Well, I try to encourage the tenants to have all the spiritual interactions that they need, so local leaders of all faiths and denominations are welcome to come to the 'Scheme', and speak with, bless and pray for all who who want it.
Well, a Catholic Father came today, and saw me limping, I know him, and he is aware of my situation.

He asked if he could bless me.
Well, I feel that my own belief system is really doing a grand job, but I will take all the help that I can get, so I had a blessing. It was very moving.
I believe that his sincerity and belief, along with his own need to bless me will all go into my 'pot' of good vibes.

This along with all the prayers and positive vibes from my friends, family and supporter can only be a good thing.

Viva La 'Belief Systems' what ever they may be, and a great 
Thank You
 to you all!


cottoncandy said...

That is a lovely experience, and great thoughts on the 'good vibe pot'. I have had a vicar bless me at one time, at his and a caring friends request. I accepted (didn't want to appear rude, and he was a lovely young vicar too lol) and I too was very moved by the experience. I too thought ''well it surely can't do any harm, it was full of love and light and warmth, no badness - surely my own beliefs can not be affected in any way by this?'' I must say I did worry for a while though, that is just my way tho :) Sorry to hear the walk provoked more agro for you though, didn't know you were a landlady, you dark horse haha, I would have asked you a few questions/queries if had known haha. Lots of love and positive thoughts ALWAYS sent your way Carol xxx

Carol said...

Hi Cottoncandy,
Not exactly a land lady, lol!
A scheme manager for a supported living complex for older people and people with disabilities........
Hoping that all is well with you.