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Friday, 28 October 2011

28th October

I can't remember if I have mentioned in any previous blogs that my Mum lives with me.
About 2 years ago, Mum broke a vertebrae in her back. T7.
This broke when she bent down to pick something up. She was living in Bristol at the time.
Anyway, I got the call, and went straight to Bristol, and made the decision on the spot, that she was no longer able to live safely on her own, and brought her here to Wolverhampton to live with me and Derek. She was 81 at the time.
Prior to this, Mum had a heart operation, and had a stroke under anaesthetic. This was closely followed by heart failure and angina. Mum recovered very well, and regained her independence.
During this time, I was living just up the road.

Anyway, Mum lives with me now.
When I got home from work today, she looked terrible! She was complaining of chest pain!

I noticed that she was very warm, and clammy. I called the ambulance.
The paramedics came and did all their 'stuff'.
Fast pulse, high evidence of any heart issues. After a general discussion and loads of questions, the conclusion was that Mum has a chest infection. The paramedics said that it would be better if we could get our own Doctor to see her, than to go to A & E, wait around for yonkers, and get the same advice.
The paramedics called our Doctor.
Dr. Fowler, he is brilliant! On the Stafford Road.  I took Mum there at about 6.15pm.

Again, a discussion ensued in the Doctors.
It transpires, that Mums symptoms are compounded by the fact that she is so scared that I am going to die before her!

Well,.......................I said,
"No chance!  I have been waiting too bloody long for my inheritance!"
Oddly enough, that made her smile and feel a bit better! Lol!

Thankfully, I am at home for the next 2 days, so I can keep a close eye on her!
I have already been to the chemist and picked up her prescription for antibiotics, so I should see a huge improvement before I am back at work on Monday.

Love you, Mum!


bendeschaad said...

So very good to read of your love for your mom. You continue to amaze me with the strenght, bravery, and, sense of the face of such a storm. It is a blessing knowing you.

Carol said...

Hi Aaron!
Great to hear from you! How are you keeping?
I too believe that I am blessed to have your acquaintance!
Please do take care.
Hugs x

Carole said...

Keep well Carol's mum - we're all thinking about you

Carol - glad you had a good response from the paramedics and even more glad you've got a great Doctor locally.
Makes so much difference.

Hugs to your lovely mum xx

Carol said...

Hi Carole,
Yes, it is great to have such a good local Doctor. Mum is a great deal better now. I will send her your hugs!
Thinking of you always,
Take care
Carol. x