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Friday, 7 October 2011

Friday 7th October

Hi real changes here.
Still no results have been passed on to me.

I do know that the Oncologist was 'studying' the results of the bone scan, and I did have 5 missed calls on y mobile, but I was driving on the Glorious M6, and I never answer the phone when driving. I never drink and drive either...2 of my many pet hates!
(Actually, if I think about it, I don't drink at all now, because I am always driving!)

Side effects in order of effect.

  • Hip/back pain, still quite bad, need to use stick for walks. It has been consistent for 31 days now.
  • Neuropathy in my feet, more of an irritant than a problem.
  • Tinnitus, although it is always there, it is only occasionally that it is a problem.
I think that neuropathy and tinnitus are here to stay. I can handle that.
Not too sure about my hip and back, hopefully it will go away, but in the mean time, it is very wearing and really brings me down. I get so frustrated that I can't do what I want.........
For example:-
If I hear music, (music to my taste), I like to have a bit of a jig.
Could be at home, in a shop, on the street, in the work place......nothing over the top, just a little dance! (Roxanne used to get so embarrassed! Bless her!) 
Can't do that now, it looks more like I am having a wriggle 'cos I need the loo or something!
I like to run around the garden with my dog...that is a 'no no' now.
I like to use the stairs at work, instead of the lift. I still do that, but it takes me an age to get anywhere!
Well, I could go on....but you get the drift...............

The Doctor has prescribed pain killers. Tramadol. 2 every 4 hours, but they make me drowsy, and I can't drive or concentrate at work.
It has been reduced to 1 every 3 hours, that takes the edge of of the pain, and I am still able to drive and work.

I am so tired when I get home from work, I am going straight to bed, and I sleep until I have to get up at 05.45.

4 days this week, (I am off today), and 4 days next week, then back to full time.

My urine is still 'chameleon' like.....from clear to muddy and all shades in between.
It is consistently 'frothy' now too.
Wee with a head on it! lol!
Not causing any problems though. I have had it tested, but no results to date.

All in all, taking every thing into consideration, I am very well.

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