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Friday, 14 October 2011

Saturday 15th October

Hello again!
I forgot to mention that my line manager commented on Wednesday, that I wasn't limping as I was the last time she saw me!
Yep, she is right!
Although I still have hip and back pain, it is not as debilitating as it was a week or so ago.
Still hurts quite a lot getting in and out of the car, but the rest of time, although it is still there, it is more like a continuous nag than agonising pain!

I went to town yesterday, and was able to go to the places that I wanted to go to without my stick! (I was kind of wishing that I had taken it when I was on the way back though!).......yes, it did start to hurt, but it was all manageable.

I decided what I was going to wear into town, and put them on.
Well......Shock! Horror! My skirt just fell off me, and the top, was much too big!
I put something else on, and that was too big as well!!

Anyway, I eventually got dressed. I decided that I would buy another skirt in town.
I came home with a dressing skirt! Hey Ho, nothing new there then! LOL!
Bloody lovely it is too! Long to the floor, fleecy, with a hood, zip all the way up the front, charcoal grey, with huge pink polka dots on it!

My stomach cramps had completely gone, so I stopped the meds.
IDIOT!!!!!!!! They are back now, good and proper!

When I was in town I decided that I was going to try something new.......(for me, anyway).

There is a new place opened.....
"The Tropicano Foot Spa Experience".
"The ultimate pedicure and manicure by Garra Rufa fish!
Basically this is what happens.......
You take a seat, wipe your feet with some wipes that are provided, then you plunge your feet, (or hands, if you prefer), in to this fish tank.............
These Garra Rufa fish nibble all the dry and dead skin from your feet!

Well.....when it came time to plunge my feet in, I got really scared! Lol!
Then I thought,
"Oh behave yourself, after the pain and discomfort that you have been through over the past few months.......stop being a big girls blouse!"

So.......I put my feet in, the sensation for the first few seconds was, well....weird!
After that, it was fine. It felt like my feet were resting on a vibrating mobile phone, a sort of electric buzz on my feet.

I had 15 minutes. My feet felt like a babies bum when I had finished!
I would definitely go again, and have half an hour next time!

So, there was no need for me to behave like a complete 'wus' at all.

Today, I am going to spend the evening with my brother, and family to celebrate his birthday, which was on Wednesday. I will be stopping over as he has booked me into a room at the pub that we are celebrating at! Thanks Philip!

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