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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

25th October

I am going to Bristol today to see my son Robert.
He was supposed to having his review, but the Social worker cancelled it because she is 'off sick'.
I am still going to go, but I think that it is going to be later in the day.

I experienced really bad stomach cramps during the night.  I have one or the other of my orifices over the toilet for most of the night.
I am feeling very sore, tired, weak and dizzy right now, and I have a really bad headache.

I must have eaten something that didn't agree with me. I can't imagine what though, all I ate was the same as Mum and Derek, and I gave most of it to the dog...........They are all ok.

I might just slip back into bed for a while.....................................


Carole said...


There are numerous 'bugs' around at the moment, some affecting tummy etc so maybe you've picked up something from somewhere.

Hope you feel much better soon hun


PS. Glad you didn't poison the dog anyway :)

Carol said...

Hi Carole,
Yes, I think that you are right!
Dougal is fighting fit, so he hasn't been 'poisoned'! Lol! Bless him, he hasn't left my side..........(except for my 'comfort stops'!)
Feeling a bit better now thanks.....had a good sleep!
Thinking of you!