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Monday, 17 October 2011

17th October - Scan day

Well, I went to have my scan today..................
My letter said that they were scanning the pelvic region.

The usual, strip down to knickers, put a gown on, all jewellery off.
Fill in the usual questionairre........
Now for the scan.

Lay on a bed/trolley thing.
Whilst I was laying, I was told that they had to do a scan of my sternum as well as the pelvic region.
Ear plugs in and off we go.

The noise, banging, clanking, buzzing.....goes on and on with short periods of silence. Towards the end I was asked to breath in and hold my breath............
Bang, clank, buzz.............
And then, repeat.

The scan itself took about an hour. There was a 20 minute wait prior to the 'deed'.

I read Carole's blog when she had a scan...
She was allowed to look at the pictures....
Well, I thought that I would ask............

"Did you see anything worthy of discussion?"
"Can't tell you anything until Dr Baker looks at the pictures".

"Is there a possibility that this pain is a figment of my imagination brought on by paranoia?"
"It is up to Doctor Baker to look at the pictures and share the results with your Oncologist".

Well, that's that then!

No results or even a sniff of a clue until 3rd November.

This shows the indignance that I felt!

But I was sooooooo good, and behaved like this instead...........

But, woe betide anyone who upsets me this evening!!!!!!!!!


Carole said...

Hi Carol,

Bone scan man is the ONLY one who has ever discussed anything with me..the only one who ever let me feel involved in what's going on...

The previous scans, MRI, CT and PET I was treated exactly as you were today 'Nope, can't discuss it with you, you have to wait' blah blah.. (basically telling you it's 'none of *your* there)!!'

Bone scan man was by far the most helpful I've ever come across in all my NHS dealings so far.

Fingers crossed for 3rd November Carol...did they actually ever discuss the Bone scan results with you or just send you for MRI without explanation?

Lynn said...

Hi Carol,
I know it's not a funny matter, but the pictures you provide with your posts give me giggle!!,

hope it's all good news for you, take care,
Lynn x

Carol said...

Hi Carole,
I never thought to ask my bone scan man!
It does make you feel that the 'Scanners' are members of some secret society, that see the 'scanned' as the enemy.
I mean, bloody hell, it's my body, my cancer and my life!
I phoned and asked for the results for the bone scan, and all that IO was told was that the Oncologist felt that I needed to have a further scan. No discussion. No explanation.
3rd of November is not far away now, and I am sure that all will be well!
Nipping off to your blog in a bit!

Hi Lynn,
I am so pleased that you enjoy the isn't funny, but if I could find no humour in all of this, I would be going potty......I know that you are not laughing at any situation, but it is good to laugh, keep on laughing, and I will try to keep you laughing!