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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Tuesday 24th April 2012

Morning every one............ I am not sure if you remember, but I was interviewed a few weeks ago, by Helen, and by Katie. Katie published on the 'Compton Hospice Blog'. Helen said that she was waiting a while before publishing......... Well, below is an email that I received this morning, so for those of you who asked...these are the places that Helen sent the piece to........... Hi Katie and Carol, Hope you are both well. Just to let you know the press release has now gone out – I have had so many other pieces of PR to send out for Compton recently, and I didn’t want it to get lost in the stories about fund-raising etc. So if you’d like to look out for it, the press release has been sent to the following media: Wolverhampton Express & Star Wolverhampton Chronicle Birmingham Evening Mail Sunday Mercury Birmingham Post Central News Midlands Today Radio WM Beacon Radio I am also speaking to Help the Hospices about other places they may be able to use it, including the Sunday People magazine! Thanks again for all your help with this, please let me know if there’s anywhere else you think I should be sending it Hehehehehe.......I love it!
Still feeling more nauseous than before, and very, very tired........... The pain I can managed in the day time, but I am still have issues at night. Susannah's method has helped a great deal....but I need something else too. I will be speaking with the Staff at the Hospice on Thursday........maybe additional sleeping medication? Perhaps I should try the following during the preparation for 'Susannah's Method', which I use in the evenings. This may help, then again..........Lol!
I am really looking forward to the week end.....pottery, archery, being with my children and having fun! Naturally, I will take the 'Cludo' with me! Lol! Philip and Dawn are coming too. Yay! We can just 'chill'
Well, I am off now, I think that I need a little nap........
Love and Light to you all!
And Oodles of hugs.
Well, I was going to have a nap, I saw Mum strolling up the garden, because she likes to feed the birds. Seconds later, 'Slat'! Mum had a fall! I went to make sure that she was OK, check for potential injuries......thankfully, only a grazed knee, and a cut to her head. Mum is on Warfarin, so I need to keep an eye on the bleeding. Seems to be OK now. I have cleaned it and put a plaster on.. Next step off to the Doctors. I need to just wait until she is feeling confident enough. She is a bit shocked!

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