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Monday, 30 April 2012

Monday 30th April- After the week end away.

Good evening every one! The article was published in the 'Birmingham Mail', and the 'Black Country Mail' on Friday thee 27th April. The exact day that I was setting off for a week end away.
(My niece, Emma, posted this on Face book, and I have just 'copied' it on to my blog!) I hadn't been back home for 20 minutes, when I had a call from the 'Express and Star', who want to publish a similar article in the next couple of days. I opened my post, to read a lovely letter from a lady a Caters News, who wants to interview me for a Women's magazine! I'm 'Gob smacked! Why am I getting all of this attention? I don't understand! Don't misunderstand me........I am loving it! Lol! (Just don't really understand why?) I have had loads of comments too.......please look at them (dates 25th, 26th, 27th, any one in a similar position could find them very helpful! I have been informed that the video showing how to put my head gear on is now on you tube...u tube...not sure how it is spelt, any way, it can be accessed vis the Compton Hospice blog....I am just going to try and get it on this blog too.......just give me a sec.......... Phew! 10 minutes later and I am working up a sweat trying to get it on here....... Any way, It is called wearing headgear with flair and it is on the Compton Hospice blog. You should be able to find the link on this blog, a bit lower down on the right hand side under my other places. Failing that, I have put it on Face book. I will keep trying, may be tomorrow.
I have a drum lesson tomorrow.... I will tell you all about and about my week end away.....made some pottery stuff, and had the highest women's score in archery for their set period of one week.........So, it was only Monday, don't confuse me with the facts when my mind is made up. I will up date you all tomorrow....really tired now, had a busy week end........... Take care!


Anonymous said...

Hello Carol
we havent `spoken` before I found your blog when reading Caroles blog,what a lovely lady she was. My life has been touched by cancer for over 23 years. I have lost all my older family members now..i was in my 20s when my mum passed away.
Anyway enough about that I just wanted to say Hello :) I watched your film about your head scarves, they are beautiful and so is all your jewellery :) I love crystals and your amethyst necklace is gorgeous..
you look lovely, very colourful and vibrant :)
And reading your blog you and I share an interest in nature and mother fact im enjoying watching lightening outside my window as i type this :)
Im sending lots of love to you Carol
Love and blessings
sally xx

Tina said...

Dear Carol,
You deserve all the attention!!! You are remarkably amazing !!
Keep it up and I heartily wish for best to come your way!!!

P.S. my sister in law's hodgkin's lymphoma is gone, but still doing 6 more rounds of chemo

Carol said...

Thanks Tina,
Not sure how much I deserve it, but I ma certainly revelling in it! lol! ;)

Carol said...

Hi Sally,
It is great to hear from you.
Yes, you are so right!
Carole was a great person and certainly supported me as I was on the road to where I am now. We spoke on the phone, but never met, she was an inspiration, and I still miss her. My thoughts are with her family and friends for sure.

Sadly, cancer affects more of us than we realise, and I bet most families have been touched by it in one way or another.

Glad that you like my jewellery, I make most of it myself.

I love lightening, and thunder storms.
I find nature and natural events so fascinating.......thousands of little miracles.

I hope that you continue to read the blog, please feel free to comment or get in touch with me on fb if you like.
Hope to 'chat' soon.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Carol i would love to stay in touch, i will get my fb account going again, i left a while ago but will pop back :)
Im glad you chatted to Carole, I think of her often and her family, such nice genuine people.
You have a special talent for making such beautiful jewellery, ive yet to discover what my talent is lol.
Keep safe Carole
love sally xx

bendeschaad said...

Carol, found the demonstration on head-dress very good. Posted it on my facebook account. Maybe you can locate me on FB vis Compton Hospice.
Your USA friend,

Carol said...

Hi Aaron,
I have tried, but I still can't find you on fb....I will have to ask some one in the know.I will be seeing a few techies next week....take care,