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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

1 st May 2012 Pottery, drums and head gear.

Just a nice picture!
I said that I would add this if I could, well here it is............two hours later...any way, I will keep it in drafts now until I do another blog tomorrow! Just click on the words below....(I think)

Wear headgear with flair

Yay! Managed last....(Flippin' took long enough!) Well, I had a drum lesson today, it was fab, I thoroughly enjoyed it My tutor was great, you can see his website if you want....see link below. I suggest that every one should have at least one lesson! lol!
Pottery. That was fantastic too! I made a flower vase, a mug, (drinking coffee from it as we speak......well, not speak....sort of 'read-dy writey', you know what I mean). And I made a pot on the wheel, they call it 'throwing'. Sadly, that is exactly what my 'thrown' pot looks like. Roxanne made a really great pot, with sides and a fluted edge....mine looked a bit pathetic against hers. Roxanne also made a turtle, an owl and a butterfly. Keith made a tea pot and butter dish. They were matching. He decorated them both to look as if there was paint dribbling down them, quite effective....he also made a small owl and a garden gnome. I will add pics as soon as I have taken them off of my phone.....(you know what a technical genius I am, she says, tongue in cheek).
Archery Yes, I had half an hour of that, Keith and Philip did it twice over the week end, Keith and Philip also did shooting and laser shooting. Dawn and Philip played badminton. Roxanne and Keith had a couple of games of pool. We all played 10 pin bowls. We all went swimming and used the steam room and sauna. We ate 3 times daily, and finished the evening off with some drinks. Yes, it was good.
Any way, I am so tired now, I think that I need a nap.......all is quiet and calm for the rest of the week, so relax time.....phew!

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