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Monday, 21 May 2012

Sunday 21st May 2012

Ok....I have decided to stop feeling sorry for myself and get on with it! Yes, I am still in pain, but I know that I should expect it, the thing to do is look at alternative ways to manage it! (Wish me luck and keep your fingers crossed!) I think that half of my problem is that I have completed the 'biggie' thing on my bucket list, and so I am feeling the lack of stuff to look forward to, so I am going to start another mini bucket list. Anyway...on the Saturday night, when we 'girls' were together telling tales, for some reason, I remembered a song that my Granddad had on a 78rpm record, you know, the old Bakelite ones. Sooooooooo, I started to sing it, (as you do!). Whilst I was doing this, Claire had a call from her brother.......sooo, I took the phone from her and sang it to him too....(never met the poor man before in my life, so he probably needs counselling now! lol).
I have tried looking on line and all sorts to no avail. They all think that I have made it up! Well, I haven' here are the words, just in case you know better............... Oh, and of course, I sing like an Angel! (A monotone one who gargles with glass, but an angel never the less1) Here we go. If you want to get a kiss, Here's a way you'll never miss, Blow in your eye and start to cry. It's easy, it's easy. If you want a warm embrace, Wiat for him in a quite place. Tire and fall when he's in sight, He'll catch you and hold you tight. It's easy, it's easy. If you want to break the ice, When the one you love Is frozen with reserve, Listen now, I'll tell you how! If you want a man, You'll have to learn to throw a curve. If you want to marry him, Days look nice, When lights are dim. Dazzle him with the way you look, He wont care whether you can cook. It's easy, It's easy. Tell him you love that kitchen sink, Tell him you just don't care for mink. That's not so easy. Anyway, I can't possible have made that up, it is too good, I would be a lyricist! Yes, it is sexist, and old fashioned, but I really liked it when I was 5 years old! I think that it was a 'B' side of an Andrews Sister's record, something like, Under the Apple Tree or Bugle boy, Maybe coffee in Brazil.

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