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Thursday, 3 May 2012

Thursday 3rd May - Cat and pottery

Well, today was my weekly visit to Compton Hospice. I love it! A member of staff is getting married tomorrow, so we had a bit of a......well, not sure what to call it! It was fun though!
Middle, Jo, the bride. Left, Molly, a volunteer. Next, Phil, a volunteer. Right, John, a volunteer Next, me. Now, if you don't want to know how I feel....miss this bit out, and move on the the 'pottery' bit! As you know, I went away for the week end on a break. Pottery and archery........... Anyway, on Saturday, I felt particularly unwell. My lower abdomen felt like it had bricks in it, and I was in pain. I did try to hide it, but you and I both know, that your nearest and dearest know more about you than you do yourself...they knew, they just didn't want to mention it until I did, which I didn't............... Well, Sunday morning, I lost a great deal of 'stuff' down the toilet. This eased the pain considerably. I didn't want to mention it until I had spoken to the Hospice Nurse. No one will know for sure, but the most likely explanation is that the 'tumours' are excreting what ever tumours excrete, and maybe getting caught in some bodily nook or cranny, built up until it had no where else to go......... This after noon, I started to feel a little unwell, and had to come home about 1 hour earlier than usual........just very tired and a bit nauseous...........
Right, now back to can all look now! LOL! My work.
Well, I think that that is it today....feeling a bit yukky........see you tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Carol your pottery is wonderful :) and I love the photo of you all lol
Im sorry you feel unwell and i really hope this weekend sees you feeling better and that the nausea goes away.
Love sally xx

Carol said...

Hi Sally,
Thanks for that!
I am feeling a bit better now, but I am still going to rest today and tomorrow.
Hope that you are well, Chat again soon! :)