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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Tuesday 22nd May 2012

Good After noon! What a lovely day!
The sun is shining it is warm and bright.

I am going to break this in to two bits.....firstly....The holiday continued..........

One day, all the young ones, Keith, Roxanne, Tom, Sarah and Stephen went to Brighton for the day.

Looking at the pictures, I can see that they had a great time.

Yes, the holiday was fab!

The next bit....not all of you may want to read..............

I am in pain most of the time now, the only thing that varies is the intensity, still taking pain killers every two hours. (AND morphine).
Anyway, it is as I was expecting. I can still do stuff, I just have to do it slowly, and remember that I will get a pain after/during any movement.

I have been looking at these recliner - riser chairs and the electric beds. I am thinking that If I have something like that, then I would be able to sleep upright, which should reduce the pain during the night, allowing me sleep all night, reducing the feeling of tiredness in the day, promoting the ability to 'think' through any pain that I get when I am awake!


What do you think!?


Thandi said...

A type of hospital-moveable etc would be good for you, by the sounds of it...

Thandi said...

PS. Hospital BED!oops

Carol said...

Hi Thandi,
Lol! I knew what you meant....hopefully, I will try one out tomorrow at the Hospice, and see what advice that they may have!