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Saturday, 19 May 2012

Saturday 20th May 2012 - Our unruly evening

Well, later on the Saturday, Robert and his 'party' had left, the rest of us were swimming, doing archery and drinking............. Keith, Roxanne, Tom, Sarah and Stephen started to mess around with one of those huge catapults...the ones where it takes two, one to hold each side, and one to pull. They were firing water bombs, (bio-degradable balloons, of course).
Me, Ann, Jean and Claire were sitting on the patio drinking and chatting. Ann's husband and Jean were in the police force, so there were many stories there, and of course, the rest of us had our own stories too.
One of the stories was about a man purchasing the services of a woman.....not the service that you would! The man wanted to lay beneath a glass coffee table, whilst she daefacated on the top of it, (I am trying to write this so as not know........upset! Lol! Think that I have lost that one already! So embarrassing!
Anyway, we all, (especially Ann), were more concerned with how the lady could perform this act at 3pm on a Saturday after noon, to order, than the act itself!!!!!! We were all amazed!
We told and listened to so many stories, we were howling with laughter, the young ones even tried to quieten us down by firing these water bombs at us. This went on until 1,30 ish in the morning. We laughed so much!
Me and Claire thought that we were women of the world until we heard some of these was such a lot of fun. My tummy and my throat were sore with laughing!!!!!
What fun! We had a few to drink...........
And we were brave, and had some more!!!!

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