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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Thursday 17th May 2012

Well, today I went tot the Hospice...Compton, didn't do very much, but I enjoyed being with the patients and staff.
When I came back, I went straight to bed for about 4 hours...I am so tired! I don't believe it! Any way, I am still tired, so please forgive me for not doing a big up date today, my bed is calling me. Hope to be back on form tomorrow. Good night.


Anonymous said...

Hi Carol
i called in to see how your holiay went, im so glad you had such a lovely time..
Im sorry to hear you feel so tired and i hope you can have a good nights rest tonight and feel brighter in the morning. I think i`d be tired if i did all the things you do lol you put me to shame;)
Take care Carol
love sally xxx

Carol said...

Hi Sally, I had the greatest of times with my incredible friends and family! Feeling this tired is a small price to pay!
Love n stuff
Carol x