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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Monday 27th May 2012

What a busy last 2 days!
Monday......In to town to get some bits and pieces for Mum's new place, and looking at some other things that she believes that she wants.
(Course, she may want them, but they are NOT going to fit!)

As we were going to 'sign up, get they keys etc. on Tuesday, I suggested that we had another look to see what will and will not fit.
Direct debit for rent set up too....Whoohoooooooooo!

Bloody good job we checked on sizes too!

Anyway, Tuesday, we went to Trinity House, signed up, got the keys, went in to town to order beds, fridges and other stuff.
With the drive to and from Leicester, I am absolutely hanging!
Just chillaxing today!!!!!!

The History of Trinity Hospital and the whole supported living scheme is really interesting, if you are interested, I have put a link on the right hand side in 'My other places'. It really is worth a read............ Please take a look and like, I think that so many more people should know about this wonderful place.

My friend, Sandra, is coming to see me today, so I am looking forward to that, I havn't seen her for ages.

I had extra pain yesterday evening, and took more morphine that usual, consequently, I do feel a little queezy today, but I am sure that it will pass....(she says hopefully).
ANyway, have a good day, and chat again tomorrow.

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