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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Thursday 24th May 2012

Mum has been offered the flat that we looked at yesterday!

We will organise the move as soon as we can.
That is a load off!!

When I found out, I became a bit means that Mum is leaving..........
Then, almost straight away, I saw the Husband of Maria, (Maria is the lady at Compton Hospice that I really liked, who died), anyway, her husband came to pick up her art work, which was very good.
Well, seeing him, straight after the realisation that Mum would be leaving just got to me and I broke down.
The nurses at Compton were very quick to give me 1:1 and just listened as I poured it all out!

So.....talking about the wonderful nurses........
Remember that I went to the wedding of Jo a couple of weeks ago, well, think about some one tip toeing as discretely as possible....and read on......

Well.....keep that image in your mind..........
When I went to see her at the Registry office, she was waiting to go in with the Brides maids, Jo said,
'Go in, Go in'.......
So I did....sneaking, like the image......
Saw every one and made towards people that I knew, then the beautiful bride entered........

When I saw Jo today...(back from honeymoon, bless), she said that after watching the video, bearing in mind, we, outside, knew nothing of what was going on inside, and visa versa......
The Registrar had just said,
'Please can every one be upstanding for the Bride'......
Every one stood, and in I waltzed! (I wondered why every one was just standing and what appeared to be milling about!

Apparently, the Groom nearly had a heart attack when he saw this strange vision in bright orange! I was oblivious!

How embarrassing would that have been if I knew then what I know now...ever so glad that I had no idea!

Still giggling here just thinking about it!


No new bed required!
Just better pain control....Yippppeeeeee!

Need to go on morphine patches, and continue to take my liquid morphine.
I was told to remember that 'morphine is my friend!' Hehehehe....Love it!

So wear the patches, use the the 'bottle' as and when required, take additional paracetamol/tramadol as needed.
List what I have taken daily over the week, so that the dosage of morphine can be adjusted to suit my pain levels.
(Went to pick up the prescription, but alas, the chemist doesn't have that dosage in stoke until tomorrow morning, but I can wait). I need to continue with the present meds for 24 hours until it is in my system properly.

I did mention that I was concerned that it was the morphine that was making me sleepy, but it isn't...........the sleepiness is just part of my disease.....(makes me sound a bit like a Dutch Elm, Lol)!

Sounds like I am being devoured a bit at a time by something nasty, which, indeed, is the case, I think that I like the word cancer better....I don't know....a rose by any other name, I suppose............

All in all, today has been a bit like an emotional roller coaster, but that is what 'Living' is all about!

Ain't Life Grand!


Anonymous said...

(((((hugs)))))) Carol
as usual i called in and you had just blogged:) i am so happy for your mum and for you xx
You always make me laugh :) thank you Carol xx
i am working tonight so will call in tomorrow and answer properly.
You are amazing :)
love sally xxx

Carol said...

Thanks Sally,
It is always good to get comments from, what are you up to at work tonight then? Anything exciting?

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol it depends on what you call exciting lol I'm a tarot reader, it keeps me busy and I've been doing it for years.

I wish your lovely mum well in her new home but totally understand your feelings (((hugs))) at least she will be settled and safe near shops etc. it's hard for you I know.

You made me laugh with your seeking into the wedding lol it conjures up such a brilliant picture ;)

I'm hoping you are having a day where you can enjoy the sunshine Carol and you feel ok. My dogs are all in the shade panting (I had to correct that ) my iPad spelt it painting, that conjures up a good image too Lol.

Take care Carol
Sally xxx

Carol said...

Dogs painting in the shade....yep, I like that, you can send them over, I have some work that needs doing!

You are quite right, reading the cards is not boring, and it can be exciting, Good for you. I hope that you continuing, and will do for time to come.
Yes, the wedding....I am so pleased that I didn't now at the time! lol!
Take care