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Friday, 18 May 2012

Friday 18th May 2012

Well, not as bright as I thought that I would be today....hey ho...that's how the cookie crumbles! It could be worse.....I could have a cold too! Things could be worse!
Any way, I was supposed to be having a drum lesson this morning, but I have cancelled it, and will go on Tuesday as planned............. Still sleepy.
The holiday.
Philip, my brother came down on Wednesday and stayed till Thursday. Jacky and Philip both went on Thursday, as did Dot and Pete. Ann and Dave came after the others had left. We went out for a meal on Wednesday night to a local pub called 'The Star'. The food, and the people there were really great. Roxanne has pictures of this on her phone, but like me, has no idea how to get them off!!!! Lol! Well, I dare say she will get Tom to help her and I should have them on Saturday. Mum.
Claire,Dave, Ann and me.
Thursday evening, Keith and Sarah cooked a beautiful spaghetti bolognaise, it was delicious. AND cheese cake to follow. Friday, Claire, Tom and Stephen came down. We all went out to dinner at a Harvester in Horsham. The company was great, but I personally feel that the food at the Star was superior. (Oh, I do hope that my piddling memory is serving me well, who came and went when is a bit of a blur!) Tom, Dave, Claire and Roxanne went out to but BBQ stuff, the weather was glorious! Robert, my eldest son, came on Saturday with his 'key worker', Joel. Another house mate of Robert's came to for a while, with his 'key worker'. We all had a great BBQ by the pool. Tom did the cooking, and every one else did the fetching, carrying and serving.....all I had to do was chill! Robert, Keith, Joel and me.
Moving on to Saturday evening....that is another story all by it's self........ For tomorrow. Need a nanna nap now!

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