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Sunday, 6 May 2012

Suday 6th May 2012

Well....hello every one. I have been resting and re-charging for a couple of days, and will continue for the rest of this day too! It has to be said.....the new blog layout is not good! This has made me so mad...............
I can't start new paragraphs, leave a line between them, leave spaces each side of my pictures. I have complained to no avail....not even a 'by your leave or how's your father'. Well, Mr. Blogboss.....if you don't want to know what I think.....don't bloody ask! Ahhhhh, that's better!
On Friday morning, I had to take Mum to have her bloods done, so I thought that I would pop to Dudley Registry office, and see Jo and Scott tie the knot. She looked so beautiful. Congrats Mrs, Paton, see you again a week on Thursday.
May the 4th was picked as the date because Scott is in to the series, lol! Great stuff!
Yesterday morning, Dean, Nikki and Finley came to visit. Finley is a little 'Star!' Finley is Derek's only grand child. Now then, how do I feel physically? Very tired, and I am sleeping over 12 hours out of each 24. My appetite? Well, put something in front of me, and I will eat most of it......if nothing is put in front of me, I am happy to not eat. Pain, yes, of course...........pain control is cutting the mustard, so that is good. How do I feel mentally? Very lucky, things could be so much worse, I am managing to do the things that I want to do, even if I have a little struggle some times. I am getting a little less patient and I have to remember this little quote to make sure that I don't hurt any one........
I am so looking forward to my week away. Just chilling with friends and family! (And Dougal, he is coming too!) It would be the cherry on the cake if the weather was as it is here today. Never the less, great friends and family make great company....what else is there? Oh, and the place that we are going to has a drum room.......Yay! I can practice!!!!! This where we are going.
And....the grounds! Ta Dah!!!!!
They do have wi fi there, so hopefully I can update daily with pics! Have a great Bank Holiday!!!!

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