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Sunday, 27 May 2012

Sunday 26th MAY 2012

Ahhhhhhhhhhh, bliss!
Feeling so much better today, no head ache, no nausea and sickness, just the normal pain.

I am relatively sure that it was the morphine patches. I ripped it off as soon as I was sick for the first time. I think that I need to have have more anti-sickness meds. before I try the patches again. I know I had to go on them when I went on morphine in the first place, I would imagine that it should be able to be sorted.
At the moment it is a choice between pain and being sick.....pain has won by a whisker!

When I was unwell yesterday, I popped back to bed and I left the door and windows open because it was so warm.

Anyway, a through draft caught the curtains which in turn knocked a picture off. It clattered. I then heard Mum shout,
'You OK!?
Apparently I groaned,
'Yes thanks'.
And went back to sleep.

When I woke, Mum told me that when the 'noise' came from the bedroom, Dougal ran upstairs, checked on me and came straight back down, how sweet is that!

A couple of days before, I got up in the morning, took meds and climbed back into bed.
Well, My friends and family decided that I needed an alarm for my meds as I havae to take them every 2 hours.
Well, the alarm for my meds went off, and Dougal ran up the stairs and started to pull the quilt until I got up and took my little Dougal is 'Magic!'

Today, I went to lunch at the Wing Wah with Jean and David.
I was starving, but a bit concerned that anything I ate made a grand re-appearance, so I was very cautious........well, what I wanted to say is that David paid for the meal,as a thank you to me for giving him a job 7 years ago when he was unemployed.
(He has moved on since then).
What a memory he has and what a kindness.
How lucky am I to have all these fabulous friends and family.

I am at the Wing Wah again on Thursday with Claire, Faye and Leigh, that will be great.

Mum will be picking her keys up for her new flat on Tuesday, so there is something else that I can celebrate!

Well, I think that is all for now, except to thank my family and friends for being so supportive and caring....Remember that I thank you all, and I love you all......I think that that is enough slop for now!


Anonymous said...

Thats brilliant Carol:)
been wondering how you were all day.
Dougle is a sweetheart and so clever, isn`t it strange that they `know` things..
sally xxx

Thandi said...

Glad you found a way to give yourself a break from the sickness aspect.

Carol said...

Hi Sally,
I tend not to write too much if I feel a bit unwell, I do feel better now....(so far).
Yes, it fascinates me when Dougal senses all this stuff..he is a gem.

Carol said...

Hi Thandi,
Yes, not sure that it was the right move, but it was the best for me. I may ring the hospice today, but then, if I can hang on till Thursday, that will be even better.
Take care, hugs,