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Monday, 7 May 2012

Tuesday 8th May 2012

Yesterday, my friend Claire, drove me to Bristol so see Robert. Thanks Claire. I wasn't feeling at my best, so it was great to be driven and have company, not only that, GREAT company! Any way, when we were there, Robert had a bit of a cold so he was a bit down. Never the less, he was pleased to see us, and he really took to Claire. (That's because she is as nutty as a fruit cake, as you know.....and we, in our family, love that in a person! LOL!
The plan is that Robert spends some time with us in the country this week. That will be fab. I should know soon. We, as I said, I was feeling as rough as a badgers bum know, a bit of pain and nausea....feeling a tad better today, touch wood! Keith and Sarah arrived yesterday too, we are travelling up together today. Dot and Pete are driving themselves and have other 'essentials' in the car. Then there are 4 people in my car, 3 people in Keith's car. Sarah can drive, so, if needed, Keith can take over driving from me. We expect to arrive around 1.00pm. Yay!!!!!! I am so looking forward to seeing every one over the week. There is wi fi there, so I will still blog daily. I am so excited!!!!!!!

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