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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

6th December

Not all together, 'with it today'.
Felt well, just lost the plot a little!
Loads of stuff went wrong! LoL!

Just a little example.......................

The bin under the desk, didn't have a lot in it, but it had a few big bits in.  I tried to flatten it with my hand, but it just kept springing up again, guessed......
I used my foot. got stuck!
At the same moment, some one came to the door, and I had to get up and greet them, this metal bin was stuck fast on my foot, so I ignored it and carried on as normal, hoping that it wouldn't be noticed.   Well, he didn't mention it all the time that we were talking, but he did have a silly grin on his face!
Got the bin off eventually.

Ok, I spoke of another similar story to yesterday's.

Again, basic cookery.
We had cooked and eaten, and discussing what the group fancied to eat next week.
We were going to cook lunch....main was decided that omelette and chips was favourite.
Now, we needed to decide on dessert.
The group agreed on rice pudding. We were discussing what the 'topping' was going to be.
Jam, lemon curd and fresh fruit were mentioned.
A woman said that she like semen on hers.
Ok, right....erm.................
I said,
Ok, you bring some in then, and we will give it a go.

The next week came, people brought jam, lemon curd, fresh fruit, and the woman brought ...........................nutmeg???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????
Bless her, she thought that it was Cinnamon!

Phew! That was a relief!

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