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Saturday, 17 December 2011

17th December

Well, all that excitement was much ado about nothing....I missed the 'wedding'. I was supposed to skype to see it......I am such an indiot!
I must have not known how to use skype, fell asleep, or was at can I be such a bloody dip stick!!!!!
(Please don't answer that!)

Well, Gordon and Geoff had a good day, and they really  enjoyed it...that is the most important thing. I am still well 'miffed' though!

Oh well, the next best thing........I await the photo's and I will use my imagination to put me there.

Last day at work yesterday, for a while at least!  I wanted to leave a clear desk, but alas, as I cleared it, more work came in.............hmffft.
Well, I handed it all over to my line manager.

I left a bit later, because I really wanted to finish and I paid the consequences.
M6......Arrrrrrrgh! 2 accidents, no less, it was way past 18.00hrs when I got home!

I have a busy day today too.

My step son Dean and his wife Nikki, are coming to visit this morning, and they are bringing little Finley with them He is a live wire!

Then I am going out to lunch with a friend.....and yes, at the Wing Wah, I love it, and it is so close to me.

And this evening, I am going to a party.
My tenants have been very insistent that I attend as they don't know when they will see me again............sniff, sniff.

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