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Monday, 26 December 2011

26th December 2011

Well, went to the Wing Wah on Friday with Pete, Dot, Keith and Mum.
Had a great meal.

24th, I had to rest, I have been quite busy over the week, and I felt in Saturday. I just sat on the couch with Dougal and watched TV. Keith sat with me for the morning, and then went to visit Sarah, his girlfriend in Cheltenham. He was back by 19.00.

I received a wonderful Christmas card from Wendy and Jeff, FB friends. It was beautiful. Wendy makes her own cards and they are stunning.
Webb address:

Check it out.

Thank you Wendy and Jeff.... x x x.

Well, in the morning, we all came together, and distributed was great! I had loads of lovely stuff! Thanks every one!

Me and Mum cooked a massive Lunch, ate until we were stuffed, and then we watched animated season films!

Unfortunately, today is not a good day for me.....I am feeling weak and unwell.
I am sweating like mad, and then I am feeling a bit cool....then red hot again......
I feel nauseous, and keep thinking that I am going to be sick any moment.........
(Gladly, that 'any moment' hasn't come yet....).

I think another quiet day for me today.
I need all my energy and joviality for tomorrow............
Roxanne, Tom and Sarah are coming. Everyone is arriving at different times, so I have booked a table a Wing Wah's.....Lol!
We will be eating at 18.00hrs.
There will be 8 of us.
Keith and Sarah,
Roxanne and Tom,
Derek and Richard,
Me and Mum.
I did invite Pete and Dot, but they are helping their daughter move home, so sadly, can't come.

27th, Me and Mum will be cooking.

Hope that you have all enjoyed the season's festivities ans continue to do so!!!!!!

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