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Sunday, 1 January 2012

1st January 2012 - Happy New Year!

First things first............

I wish you and yours a Happy New Year, filled with everything that you would wish for yourselves!

I spoke with my brother Philip yesterday. He has a nasty cough and cold with every thing that comes with it. He sounds very poorly and clearly feels very unwell.
Hope that you feel better soon Phil! x

I am really lucky, I don't get coughs and colds, in fact, I can't remember that last one that I had, I think that I was about 13 years old!!!!!! Lol!

I am still feeling surprisingly well under the circumstances. I have the odd day when I just don't feel able to do much, as I am so tired. I also get days when I don't want to see or speak to anyone. (That is a bit worrying, because that is so unlike me).
Well I believe that your body tells you what you need/don't need, so I try to comply when it tells me to be still and alone.

Mum has been quite unwell over the festive season....a chest infection. She seems so much better now, although she slept for most of the day yesterday, I kept creeping into her room to make that she was still breathing Lol!
(Looks like I am on the road to neurosis!!!).

I am at work on Tuesday 3rd, then I have to have my blood levels checked on Wednesday, and my first 'dose' of palliative chemo on Thursday.
Last time I was on chemo, it was impossible for me to drive that day, I am not sure if the same applies on Thursday, I will have to check it out.

My MacMillan Nurse has contacted me twice over the holidays to see how I am doing, which is great. I think that is a bit surprised that I am going to work on Tuesday.
I feel that I need to, there is one document that I want to ensure is up to date, so that who ever takes over from me in the future will have a better idea of how things work.......nothing worse than starting a job, being on your own, and not knowing anything at all............

Well, the beginning of a New Year....What will be, will be!

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