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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

24th January 2012

Well, I did go out for a while on 21st.
I went 'Boundary Mills'.
I managed to look around half of the store, (it is massive), and then I was tired, so I came home.
Another p.j day on Sunday!

I took Mum to have her bloods done, then I had to go to the Hospice for the after noon. 1:1 chat with the lovely Barbara and some therapy!

Last chemo, (5th Jan).
As I explained, I had nausea and fatigue, along with some flu/cold like symptoms.
Now that we are nearing the next session, (originally 26th, now 31st), my hair is falling out in huge clumps, and some areas of my body are tender when touched, even by the bed coverings. Mainly shoulders and back.
I have 'raging headaches and 'visual disruption'.
The visual disruption may be caused by the lump on my brain or by the medication that I have to take, (side effect), or as a side effect of this body seems to know!

I really don't care about my hair falling out, I love my head gear and hats...........
The rest of it has been, is, and probably will continue to be debilitating at times.

Today, I have to take my Mum to the Cardio Unit at the Hospital, and get some groceries.
Claire, my friend is coming to see me after work, so something to look forward to.

Oh, something that I forgot to mention...the chemo has pretty much 'knackered' my already poor memory! I have to write everything down!
I put my phones on silent some time last week, and on top of that, I can't remember where they are!
I apologise for not getting back to any one who has phoned or texted me over the past few days, I am hoping to re-discover them today, as there is only one place left to fingers crossed!

Generally speaking, I feel very well, as if I can take on the World............(Until I try it of course, and then I turn in to a Sloth needing sleep!)
A bloody 'cute' one though!

I am at the Hospice again all day on Thursday, packing on Friday, and the 'Murder Mystery' on Saturday and Sunday!

Take care, blessings and hugs  x x x x x


bendeschaad said...

"Knackered out" that is a new one to me..LOL.

bendeschaad said...

'Knackered out" that is a new one to me...Take care.

Tony Songhurst said...

Absolutely get the comment about the memory....After 14 sessions of chemo, 3 months off then started again last Monday my memory is shot! One piece of advice I took was from one of my oldest friends Jaime. I went through Junior and Secondary schools with this chap and he had the same cancer as I the year before...he has also been very lucky as it has not returned which I couldn't be happier about!!!

I nearly forgot...the advice...Jaime gave me...get yourself a nice book and write down all your on-line accounts and passwords down. I took this a step further and to enable me to leave Fran with a record of banks, savings, pensions, online banking, amazon, ebay to name but a few...I wrote them all down in a book and handed it to Fran...we are to use this book as it lists our assetts etc when I get my will sorted in the next few weeks! I am well aware of identity theft and the risk we are taking however the book is well hidden and is an absolute necessity...A great bit of advice!

Much Love

tony xxx

Carol said...

Hi Aaron,
The English language is fantastic!!!!! Lol!
Not sure, but I think that 'knackered' was first used to describe old and tired horses. As I said, not totally sure......
Oh, by the way, I still can't find you on face book!
Great to hear from you. I have received your email, and will reply later today!

Hi Tony,
My memory was pretty bad to start with! lol!
Very happy to hear that your friend is well, always good to hear positive stuff about cancer and the people who have it! Long may he remain cancer free!
I wish all the best as you travel through the wonderful world of chemo again, I hope that it gives you the best results in the world!
Very good advice from your friend I will get on it later today. (I have put time aside for replying to emails, texts, (now that I have found my phone), and other paper work that has been calling me!
Hugs and blessings,