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Thursday, 12 January 2012

Friday, 13th January 2012

Good morning!

Well, yesterday, Jean, a friend of mine took me to see a friend that I hadn't seen in about 5 years. we had a pleasant afternoon in Starbucks drinking coffee, chatting and I had an apple and cinnamon muffin......yummy.

I lounged around in my pj's until, 12.00noon, showered and Jean came at 1.30.
Got back home at 6.00pm, and I was shattered!

I noticed that yesterday I had to rest after every activity.....daily tasks are getting very difficult....................
Make up, jewellery, rest.
If I wasn't actually experiencing it, I wouldn't believe it!

I tire easily and am sleeping more.

Never mind........pain is controlled, and I am going to see a therapist at the hospice today.

The good news is...........................
When awake and just pottering around, I am still pretty 'sharp', and up for a bit of fun!
No unbearable pain because   it is pretty well controlled.

Still getting feelings of nausea, tinnitus, phlebitis in left arm (chemo arm), bearable pain to the left of my whole torso, but that well be sorted next visit to McMillan nurse.

So all in all, I am a happy egg!

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