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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

12th January 2012

Had a pyjama day for most of it yesterday.....then sorted myself out about 2pm.
Oh, what decadence!!!
Claire, my friend, came about 5.00pm is, we chatted and then went to the Wing Wah!!!!
Had a great evening, just giggling about nothing really.
By 8.00pm, I was tiring and feeling ready for bed.
Claire could see this, (bless), and packed me off home.

I have been referred to a McMillan therapist, I have to go on Friday.
I have been referred to McMillan Day Centre, I should get an appointment for that soon.

I have an appointment with the Oncologist on, I am resting as much as I can to ensure I have the energy.....but I WONT give up fun stuff!!!!

I am seeing another friend today, Jean...and she is driving me to yet another friend. Jean will bring me back as soon as I get tired.
There may be a bit of competition there though, because, sadly, Jean has 'Huntingdon's'.
Such a lovely lady, she does not deserve this! Well, the pair of us will be off for an hour or two this afternoon. Jean will be driving. She has one of those 'Smart' cars.....never been in one  before....................

Jean's is black, but this is more 'up my street, maybe I would have it a little more 'Scooby's Van'! LOL!

A bit more Pazaz needed, I think......... more colour, more flowers..........

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